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Siteground Black Friday Deals 2020: LIVE 75% OFF

Are You Looking For Best Siteground Black Friday Deals 2020?

Once again, the Black Friday season has come around! As well as the eagerness to know about the best deals that one can filter out from the numerous options out there.

Possibly you have already filtered out one from them and are interested in looking into taking on one of Siteground’s Black Friday deals? Then this article is for you.

Siteground Black Friday Discount Deal Is Not Yet Live. This Year Black Friday Is on 27th November 2020. Will Update This Page As Soon As We Get More Information On This.

Siteground was established as long back as 2004 and now provides web hosting services to over 2 million domains all over the world through its multiple branches,

As we all know, Siteground being one of the leading providers in web hosting services in recent years is one of the best in terms of reliability and customer support out there.

siteground black friday

From people trying to get started with a professional/personal blogging site to different kinds of e-commerce businesses looking for the best-in-class uptime and customer service, Siteground has managed to make a good name for itself in most if not all sectors of web hosting services.

In the years since it’s the establishment, Siteground has been efficient in integrating its business model in a better way by focusing more on user experience instead of just focusing on their profit increase. This model has helped Siteground in becoming one of the most popular web hosting services out in the world today.

So if you have chosen Siteground for your website, it is more than worth a shot.

In regards to the above, we will be discussing the different plans Siteground has to offer this Black Friday Season in terms of important factors like :

  • Comparing regular costs with the Black Friday deals
  • Discuss the different features they offer.
  • Look into some important web hosting terms like SSD drive and SSL certificates they are offering

Of course, we will also be looking into a few other companies offering similar offers and features and contrast them. Now moving on to the main points.

Where can you get Sitegound’s Black Friday Deals for 2020?

Before looking into the offers, below we have mapped out the links to the different Black Friday deals from Siteground, along with a comparison table between regular costs and discounted costs and other details, in addition to, a small tutorial on how to proceed to avail the offers!

Siteground Black Friday Discount Pricing Chart!

PlansNormal PriceBlack Friday Deal
Start Up11.95/mo2.98/mo
Grow Big19.95/mo4.98/mo
Go Geek34.95/mo8.68/mo

All the above-mentioned plans can be accessed through the following link: SiteGround Black Friday Sale .

Steps to activate the Siteground Black Friday Deals for 2020

Step 1: Click here to go to the Siteground discount page.

Step 2: Once you are there, click on your preferred plan, on doing so the following window should appear –

Step 3: After this window appears, enter your desired name for the website/domain name and click on PROCEED

Step 4: Next a form will appear asking for payment information and other data on the client like name address and so on.

Step 5 : And that is it! It’s that simple. Now you have registered for your new personal blog or business website hosting plan!

Why you should go for Siteground’s Black Friday Deal for 2020?

As mentioned earlier, Siteground is one of the leading pioneers in Webhosting services worldwide, but what is the actual reason for that and why should such a vague claim convince you? It shouldn’t.

So in this section, we will be discussing some of their best services and look into a bit of technical detail into what actually makes a good web hosting service company and let you have a much clearer idea of how Siteground is going to be worth your money! –

There are certain parameters that contribute to the best web hosting service :

  • Properly set servers with 24×7 active performance or maximum uptime.
  • The fast loading speed of web pages for excellent customer experience
  • A control panel (cPanel) that can be used to monitor around the site to get what we want needs to be flexible and convenient
  • Backup of information on a daily basis to ensure that our valuable information does not get lost.
  • Free certificates like SSL are very important. ( Will be discussed later ).
  • Great customer service through both phone calling and email or messaging mediums.
  • Being able to migrate sites between different servers in a smooth manner is another one that is most prevalent once we decide to move from an old hosting service to a new one.

Keeping in mind the above factors, let us look into how well Siteground compensates on them :

1. Siteground uses SSD drives for super-fast loading speeds!

SSD which stands for Solid State Drive is the latest and well-acclaimed type of computer storage device which has been gaining a lot of popularity, especially in the web hosting service industry and also by various large enterprises who use this type of storage to store data in their server infrastructure!

If you want your websites to load effectively and fast, which you definitely do for a better user experience an SSD drive integration hosting service is a must in the web hosting service market. And Siteground provides the best of it. Siteground provides SSD storage services on all of their Starter, GrowBig, and GoGeek plans.

siteground php

Topping off with an unprecedented average page speed score of 93%, Siteground is the must option if you are looking for the best and efficient user experience on your website to keep your customers from falling off and getting bored from loading speeds.

In terms of consistency of speeds according to the monthly monitoring service, Siteground has been fairly consistent over the years with some slight fluctuations most of which are negligible.

In addition to SSD, Siteground also uses CDN ( Content Delivery Network ) integration system. Thus, you won’t be needing Cloudflare registration for your website again. This also contributes to even better loading speeds.

2. 99% Uptime Guarantee on website performance!

We most definitely need our websites to be up at all times for our customers or readers. No matter it is in the middle of the night or really early in the morning if our website happens to be not functioning then we will inevitably lose customers followed by a loss in profit. To look into the more summarised points :

  • We will lose revenue if the website goes to downtime
  • Our users or customers will be unhappy and irritated if the website work inappropriately and thus the company loses credibility.
  • According to Akamai, a leading CDN ( Content Delivery Network ) services provider, websites that go down an inconsistent amount of times experienced a permanent abandon rate or cut in customer viewings of 9%.
  • Reputation and customer losses are one of the most critical factors
  • Search engine rankings are affected as google may put your website at the back of the list if it’s downtime is too high thus affecting the visiting statistics in your website

However, these problems are guaranteed to never occur in case your choice is Siteground’s web hosting services.

As we can see in the given image, Siteground’s uptime fluctuations are barely significant in any of the cases.

The reason for this is also attributed to Siteground’s servers being found all across the world so they almost never slow down and provide a guaranteed 99.9% uptime guarantee.

3. One of the highest-rated customer service and support squads online!

Another important aspect that comes with a good experience when running a website hosting service is a well-organized customer support team that can handle all forms of communication in different languages as well as a well behaved, tolerant, and friendly way to deal with customers. So in cases of the website setup,pricing details, efficiency and compatibility advice among other things can be met most optimally

In this case, Siteground provides the top-in-class customer service through phones, chats and tickets as well all day 24X7. In case you do not understand migrations procedures or price details or future pack renewal procedures, the Siteground team has proved to be one of the best in handling such and more customer issues.

4. They provide free Site migrations as well!

One of the biggest tasks when it comes to switching your website to different server hosts is that the migration of a website from one hosting platform server to another is one of the most frustrating tasks to do by ourselves.

Moreover, the standard costs when it comes to migrating a website between different domains tops to around $250.

This fees includes the following :

  • The fees for the standard website migration service
  • In addition to domain name transfer
  • Content preservation or retention from one domain to the other in a ditto way.
  • Internal optimization of websites components
  • SEO optimization for the new domain

In addition to this, there may also be certain copyright measures or extra optimization charges that come with it.

However in case of Siteground all migration charges are free!


On registering with the GrowBig plan, Siteground offers you the free migration feature and the even better thing is that the Siteground team themselves become responsible for migrating your website. So you do not need to waste any time on the frustrating migration process!

5. Daily and Automated Backups on databases :

In order, to be most efficient in the protection of your information in case of a breakdown, you always need to keep backing up your website data on a daily basis.

In case your website in CMS (Content Management System) integrated, taking WordPress for example, you will be needing all kinds of files from the system including :

  • Site files
  • Content
  • Media
  • Databases

If you want to get it working again on a different occasion,In such cases using Siteground for backup is the smarter option. Since they offer free daily and automatic backups on all three of their plans!


In case of the backup on demand option, it is only available for the higher-end plans namely GrowBig and GoGeek.

In case of restoring a previous version of the backup Siteground does still charge a small fee on their cheapest plan that is the Starter plan but you will still get 30 copies of backups for your site which is more than worth it. However, for the other higher-end plans backup restore is free.

6. Siteground is always up to date in integrating the best in technology

Being up to date with the modern generation of technology that has been growing at such a rapid rate with new methodologies being researched every month is one of the most important aspects when it comes to building an online business that focuses mostly on using technicality to enhance user experience.

And Siteground’s main objective being just that has not fallen behind with the growing trends in technology. Some important points to emphasize these aspects have been mentioned –

  • When PHP 7.4 went live, Siteground was one of the few first companies that switched their server into a PHP 7.4 integration. This awareness on their part can be even more significant if we compare with companies like Bluehost and Hostgator for example who are still using PHP 7.0 for their servers.
  • The reason this point about new technology integration is important seems to be pretty obvious, but to take an example for this, recent studies by WordPress 5.3 have shown a highly significant rise in acceptance of Requests/Seconds in higher and latest versions of PHP.

7. They Provide a free SSL certificate

Well this is not a very special feature as almost all web hosting services need to provide a free SSL which Stands for Secure Socket Layers service but it is definitely very important and a necessity in 2020 for the following reasons :

  • SSL Protects your confidential data
  • SSL gives your website an identity
  • SSL is a must for better search engine results and better SEO integration
  • SSL can also be seen as a tag that helps the customer find more credibility and trust in your website.
  • SSL helps in PCI/DSS requirements which are security standards for an online presence.

Important points on Siteground to keep in mind

1. No Monthly billing cycles

Siteground does not have a monthly billing cycle. Only the first month can be taken as a trial period and after that renewal takes place every year. This may be uncomfortable for some people so just keep this in mind. Also, the first-month trial is not free but it has a money-back guarantee in case of customer dissatisfaction.

2. Server Location Cases

Even though Siteground offers great services all throughout, in a few places the server locations may come short so make sure to check if they have a server in your country.

3. Storage Limitation for Starter Packs

For their shared hosting plans, they offer a limited space of 40GB. So if your website exceeds that mark you have to switch to a more expensive pack.

FAQ – Siteground Black Friday Deals

Q.1 What is exactly the Siteground Black Friday deal?

Black Friday which may also be called Cyber Monday ( taking place between 29 November to 3rd December), is the thanksgiving day on which many different commercial services ( both online and offline ) offer many great discounts on their products. And so Siteground being an online e-commerce site on web hosting services also offers the same.

Q.2 Is Siteground better than A2 Hosting in any way?

Both Siteground and A2 hosting offer great services on all their ends and both are Amazon affiliate websites so they are well funded to do so. However in case of Siteground, they have an upper hand when it comes to customer service quality and satisfaction.

Q.3 Does Siteground have a free trial period?

Siteground does not have a free trial period but they have a 30 day money back guarantee trial for your first month of use,

Q.4 Does Siteground offer any free Hosting offers?

Free hosting is not available for Siteground.

Q.5 From the topics in this article, can we conclude that Siteground is the fastest hosting service when compared to others?

In accordance with many reviews it may not be entirely wrong to say that it is.

Q.6 Is Siteground really a worth buy?

Definitely, it is a steal! As mentioned they are offering some of the best offers on all their premium and starter packs.

Q.7 How well does Siteground come off as when compared to Bluehost?

In this case Siteground is much better in regards to speed. So you may choose Siteground over Bluehost.

Q.8 Why does a website need a PCI compliance?

It is important only if you own an ecommerce website.

Q.9 What can Siteground be used for?

Siteground can be the perfect hosting solution for WordPress projects.

Q.10 Is WordPress free with Siteground?

If Siteground hosting is being used, the Siteground Web Hosting will Offer You Different Applications To install on your website for free.

Q.11 In which plans does Siteground charge monthly?

Siteground offers monthly plans but only for their cloud hosting services that cost around $80/month.

Final Thoughts

In this Siteground Black Friday Deals, we have discussed the key features of Siteground’s web hosting services and also justified its reputation as one of the best and fastest out there! If you have found this article useful be sure to share this article with people looking for the best Black Friday deals!

Thank you.

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