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SemRush Affiliate Program Review: Earn 40% Recurring Commission For Every Sale

Are You Looking For Best Affiliate Program In SEO Tools Industry? Read Our Detailed Semrush Affiliate Program Review And Make 40% Commission For Every Sale.

Affiliate programs are gaining popularity with the increasing use of SEO tools. But, since there are many affiliate programs in the market, and you have to choose the one that gives you the most profit and provides with the best affiliate tools. It’s very easy to test the top players in the market, now what’s left is choosing the best out of them.

SEMrush, the best marketing toolkit in the market is offering you the most profitable affiliate program: Berush. This affiliate program gives you recurring income for life or until the subscription is canceled by the third party.

What is Berush?

semrush affiliate program

Berush is the Affiliate program of SEMrush. First, we should look at SEMrush and its utility. SEMrush is the best marketing toolkit with over 6 million people using it worldwide. It gives you access to its exclusive 40 tools ranging from keyword searches to analytics tools. SEMrush also helps to get you backlinks through its tool. Berush is the affiliate program that lets you promote SEMrush and earn the recurring commission.

This affiliate program gives you a 40% recurring payment every single month with many benefits. In this SEMrush Affiliate program review, we will discuss Berush.

  • How does Berush work?
  • How can you apply for Berush?
  • Best ways to promote SEMrush
  • Pros and cons of an affiliate program
  • How does Berush work?

Berush is an affiliate program of the SEMrush SEO tool. SEMrush has a big client base and to reach more people, they launched Berush. Berush offers you a 40% recurring commission on every successful purchase by a user using your referral id.

The process is simple, whenever a person buys a SEMrush subscription by clicking on your referral link, you will get the 40% of the amount of sale every month for a lifetime or until your referral stops paying for the subscription. This commission is fixed for all purchases.

As an affiliate, you will receive a commission from sales of all plans including pro guru business plan.

How to apply for the Berush ( Semrush Affiliate Program ) ?

Applying for Berush is simple. The steps involved are:

Step 1: go to the Berush site first. It’s free to join. The best thing is, you just have to register your details and due to its pre-approved feature, you can get started within minutes.

Step 2: the details required are just your email id, password and you can join immediately.

Step 3: once you have logged in, you will receive promotional materials such as banners, links, and widgets. You will also be provided with your referral id which you can add to your newsletter, blog posts, social media posts, etc. to promote the useful tools of SEMrush.

Semrush affiliate program review

Best ways to promote SEMrush

Berush provides you the best marketing toolkit in the market to sell. But selling is very difficult from an affiliate program. Writing about it on social media and posting will not bring youbuyers. You need to strategize your actions and focus on the target audience. Content should tell your viewers about the product and encourage them to buy it. Some proven best ways to promote SEMrush are:

Blog Posts

Writing blog posts about SEMrush and its features can get you genuine users. Writing detailed tutorials of using SEMrush and its tools can help viewers understand how SEMrush can help them in their ventures. Writing blog posts can get you many affiliate clients.

Choose your Target audience, test them, post content relevant to the audience, and side by side promote your affiliate program too. Product videos work like a charm and help you gain followers.

Social Media

Social media is working as a quick solution to reach your target users. Promoting your product on social media gives you way more reach than any other platform. Posting consistent useful content about SEMrush will make people aware of it and you can make many potential buyers through those posts.

Posting on sites like Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn can help you get organic users. You can also divert people towards your blog posts and make them sign up for email newsletters. Interacting with users, clearing their doubts and queries about SEMrush, will increase your brand authority and thus give you more affiliate sales.

Email Newsletters

This one of the best ways to reach out to your target audience. You make an email checklist for people by using tools like SEMrush. This will enable you to send a personalized email to get the best result. SEMrush analytics has found that Email marketing gives the highest Return to investment.

Video Tutorials

Affiliate marketing is all about educating your viewers. For this method to work, you should first know your product, try out all the tools yourself and get an in-depth knowledge of all the benefits that a person can get with SEMrush. The best way to put video content is by making tutorials based on your experience, you can also make several videos explaining all the aspects of the SEMrush and it’s over 40 SEO tools.

You can post your video tutorials on platforms like YouTube, Instagram, IGTV, and Facebook feed. Giving direct links to your website or blog post can help you benefit from video tutorials and you will get to know your target audience.

SEMrush plans and Berush cut in it?

SEMrush has the following 3 plans and you can promote these according to your target audience.

  • Pro plan
  • Guru plan
  • Business plan
semrush plans

Here’s how much you can earn from these plans

Pro plan

You can earn a commission of $39.98 every month on their pro plan, which costs $999.40/month.

Guru Plan

You can earn a commission of $79.98/month for its Guru plan, which costs $199.95/month.

Business Plan

You can earn a commission of $159.98 which originally costs $399.95 per month.

Semrush Free Trail

Advantages and disadvantages of Berush

Berush is one of the best affiliate programs on the internet right now. Some of its advantages are:

40% recurring commission every month for a lifetime.

10 years of cookie life. This means if someone uses your promo code, but after that buys from some other website, you are still entitled to the commission.

Berush has an amazing product for you to promote. SEMrush is easy to promote as it offers killer products. Some famous tools SEMrush offers are.

  • CPC maps
  • Keyword position tracking
  • Site audits
  • Social media tracker
  • Brand monitoring tool

You can promote these tools on various platforms to increase your Affiliate programs.

Free trials are given to users who are promoting SEMrush. In this 7-day free trial, anyone can learn about its tools and features.

The minimum payout offered to a person through PayPal is just $50, which is convenient as you can start earning from your first sale.

A monthly Berush contest is organized for all, which gives $100 to every winner. You can make email newsletters, blog posts, videos, etc. to win in the contest.

The customer support of Berush is as strong as that of SEMrush. Your queries and questions are their priority.Their 24/7 customer support can help all beginners.

Though SEMrush Affiliate program (Berush) is perfect in its way, some minor disadvantages are:

Coupon promoting websites are not allowed. Berush doesn’t offer you the choice to promote referrals on coupon promoting websites, due to security reasons.

The first cookie win policy can sometimes backfire at you if someone is encouraged to buy SEMrush tools after seeing your content but has already bought it with someone else’s referral link.

Why choose Berush as the affiliate program?

The question here is why Berush is the best in the market. And honestly, Berush is a must if you are an SEO content writer, blogger, or influencer coz the commissions are not for the short term but long term. If you are right content marketing strategies and platforms, you can make it a full-time career out of it. The indirect benefit of this is the valuable experience you will have with SEMrush tools.

You can become an online tutor or guide for people new to this platform.

The connections and the reach you gain after promoting content related to SEMrush can be precious and you can think of starting your venture. You can use your mail list and blog users to reach to market other products too.

All the above points and many more justify the decision of using the SEMrush Affiliate program (Berush).

FAQ’s about SEMrush Affiliate program (Berush)

What is the eligibility to apply for this program?

There is no eligibility to join the SEMrush Affiliate program. You can join its program for free and start working within minutes of registration.

How many does Berush pay for each sale?

The sales from Berush are as follows for original plans:
Pro plan: $39.98 every month till lifetime
Guru plan: $79.98 every month till lifetime
Business plan: $399.95 every month until a lifetime.

What are the ways to promote SEMrush to increase sales from the affiliate program?

You can use the following popular ways to promote SEMrush to increase your Affiliate sales:
• In-depth case studies
• Video tutorials
• e-books
• checklists
• email newsletters
• promotion on social media
• blog writing
• training courses

How will I get paid after sales?

Berush gives you payment twice a month with a minimum amount of transaction being $50 on PayPal and $1000 for wire transfer.Payments are done on the 10th and 25th days of each month.

Is SEMrush promotion worthy?

SEMrush provides you with the best SEO tools, including over 70 tools to offer. Its incredible customer support team will guide you through the process so you don’t have any complications while using it. SEMrush is used by the best in the industries like Vodafone.

Why are SEO tool Affiliate programs such as SEMrush, Moz, Ahref, and wordstream easier to market than web hosting affiliate programs such as GoDaddy or Bluehost?

The answer lies in the product’s utility, SEO tool affiliates are a must for every website owner to perform well and only the best SEO tools can do the work. Whereas, web hosting affiliates don’t provide many promotion tools and the competition is like specs-wise.

What are the best features of SEMrush?

Some best SEMrush tools and features are,
• Organic research tool
• Keyword analyzer
• Product listing ads
• Backlinks tool
• Market explorer, Etc.


If you are looking for an SEO affiliate program for good income, the SEMrush Affiliate program (Berush) is highly recommended. With a good content marketing strategy, you can earn thousands of dollars from this program and benefit from lots of other usages discussed in this SEMrush Affiliate program review.

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