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How To Start A Blog With Siteground: 6 easy steps

It is an obvious thing that we all love blogging around here but an excellent thing is that these days it is easier to obtain money by using affiliate marketing through blogging.

If you are ready to start a blog the first thing you need to do is to find a host.

To make money through blogging web hosting is an essential part that helps to do what you’re blog lives on the internet.

do you want to learn how to start a blog through Siteground and make a way to passive income to blogging online?

Yes, you read that right several people earn through blogs, and from experience peoples who have been log in this business have termed it as an absolute best kind of business in the world. If I talk about myself I own technical excellence due to which it was easier for me to attain a website hosting.

For the first-timers who would want to get into blogging but I think it is a type of online business that gives you the right path to own.

Now, why is that so I have two answers for you:

  • without engine indulgence of any financial capital, we can start your blog today
  • Also, you don’t need a use contribution of employees, office retail space, workers, insurance, etc. So that’s huge!

I wonder why it is so that every single person doesn’t own an online blog or business.

So, if you think you can block or start a blogging business you can move towards Siteground but the first thing you want to understand should be whether what’s the difference between a blog and a website?

  • The first thing I should understand is that a blogger is a person who blogs about certain content or subject that you want to write or create about.
  • And if you own an online business whether selling or buying is related you probably need a website for that.

I want to give you a small tip regarding blogging that logging helps to create more content that helps your business come within the list of search engines through a process of digital marketing that includes SEO. And by clubbing both blogging and website together or by getting it individually (just for a blog) according to your business or service’s initial needs.

What essential when you begin your blog or website?

It is just like calling someone to your house and giving them a delicious meal to eat. here the house means the website and a delicious meal will be your content which will be offering them to read and connect with it.

  • A domain name which will be your address
  • A content management system which is also known as CMS use for writing content and publishing the post along with managing the plug-in.
  • Attractive design template
  • Web hosting service provider- Siteground is excellent in several ways in providing the best web hosting services?

Wait! what?

Jumping up towards the website hosting services having a balanced and providing ample options Siteground always recommended by experienced bloggers or website owners. Like how we require land on which our house I will stand straight erect. Above we mentioned a house as websites and land will be web hosting service providers.

So that people who are beginners in this field understand what we are looking forward to conveying through this article!

Beginning from a website hosting-Siteground

So being in Expedia stronger I may have to choose various sites for hosting services, that I required when I was a blogger at initial stages.

I must say, it was a tough journey as I went through various companies. Either or the one thing used to be left out in them which is why I finally moved to words side ground which is a fantastic hosting company. It also provides WordPress hosting along with some authentic services and reasonable price has made them one of the most recommended levels thing service providers even this year.

For the new blogger safe, you intend to start over this logging website you can get it cheap, and for your side loud is that great option that offers you just told 3.95 per month.

So after which, you can occasionally go below the initial plan rate use their subscription plan that will be lasting up to 3 years.

Isn’t that amazing?

Launching your blog becomes so easier when you go for an affordable website hosting service which is via Siteground and in fact, starting a WordPress blog with Siteground is just a 10 minutes work and you are good to go!



About Siteground

siteground india

The siteground is a web hosting company that was founded in the year 2004 in Sofia Bulgaria. it has been servicing more than 2 lakh domains worldwide and through it shared hosting cloud hosting and Enterprise solutions email hosting and domain registration can be done effortlessly.

Several users like me have noticeably found it to be more reliable and faster as they have flexible plans with the best customer support which I recommend too. Siteground WordPress hosting can be done easily.

It is compared with speed, securities solutions, unique in house WordPress with the highest rated hosting providers in the WordPress community. WordPress beginner website siteground is the best feature that includes automatic upgrades CD and one-click staging built-in WordPress caching and GIT version control. photo WordPress beginner readers to have a special 63% discount according to the performance speed is crucial and with the fast website load, you get great exposure. gives you limited storage or set up fee for monthly building but as per the performances is concerned siteground gives you a web ghost that believes in boosting your SEO faster with authentic conversions by giving you analytics which requires at the beginning of the posting period of your blog.

Best WordPress Hosting

Siteground Is The Best WordPress Hosting ( Self Used ) And Recommended By WordPress.

Step by step solutions on getting a fast and secure web hosting through siteground for your upcoming blogging website consists of information that helps you in working on your website perfectly.

Step 1 consists of selecting a hosting plan which is via Siteground

How To Start A Blog With Siteground

So before you build your website the first thing you need to do is to go to the through which you can get a hosting plan. If you are among those who have just now begin with a startup plan must go for a basic and cost-effective scheme provided by the siteground. The startUP only hosts one block on your side ground account. Grow big account you can host unlimited blogs and keeping it updated I went for GoGeek plan on my website and it grew amazingly.

  • StartUp Plan- $3.95 to $11.95 per month, free SSL, free CDN, unlimited databases, daily backup feature, 10,000 visits monthly, 10GB Webspace.
  • Grow big Plan-$5.95 to $19.95 per month, unlimited websites, 20GB web space, Unmetered Traffic, Free SSL, Daily Backup, Free CDN, Free Email, Managed WordPress, Unlimited database, On-demand backup cooled, speed-boosting caching, add Collaborators, 25000 visits monthly.
  • GoGeek-$11.95 to $34.95 per month, unlimited websites, 40GB, 100,000 visits monthly, Unmetered Traffic, daily backup, free email, free CNN, managed WordPress, unlimited databases, 100% renewable energy match, on-demand backup cooled, speed-boosting caching staging plus GIT, add Collaborators, white-label clients, priority support, the Highest tier of resources.

Step 2 Choose your domain name which will be comparing and it easier to pronounce

How To Start A Blog With Siteground

At the siteground, you will be charged around dollars 14.95 per year and the installation process is very effortless and quick. They also provide alternative options from those you can purchase who stay what different companies or you can buy both in one place.

Personally, to save my time and energy I went for Siteground as it doesn’t keep you Hung up and always allows you to change your domain name later on that will cost around dollar 10, you will get this benefit or transferring one domain name from one company to another like if I want to transfer my domain from local host to Siteground similarly.

If you are a blogger you can buy your name as already it’s not taken otherwise try to choose a name that usually makes sense and will add up to your business that you have.

Step 3 Fill out your information with the authentication

How To Start A Blog With Siteground 2020

In this step, you require to create your account by using a username and password along with contact and payment info and where you also need to choose your hosting period for which you can start with the twelve months plan.

so you can also go towards extra services section that recommends your domain privacy and if you purchase it without that anybody cannot be able to find your full name and address by just searching a domain.

Step 4 make sure install WordPress hit on install WordPress and automatically their installation wizard will do everything for you

install wp

Installing WordPress through the siteground doesn’t be that easier but if you get into any trouble the support is there to help me 24 hours and this is free service from them. by just clicking on the question mark which is located on the top right side reach to the support portal where you can get your questions answered freely.

Step 5 Choose a WordPress theme

So you have an address now you can now begin with getting something which will be inviting your visitors to view and which will be visually pleasing to them this is what WordPress theme provides you. you are you get an unbeatable support representative who can give you all thing for free where are some good WordPress themes you need to generally pay for it. Where is for the others which are free of cost are good.

once you buy a WordPress theme from a design company you will receive a mail which will be given with the downloadable file if there is a zip file do not unzip it leave it as it is to install your WordPress theme you need to follow these steps which includes

Appearance-Themes-Click Add new

Then click on upload theme

This is the right time to upload the zip file you received but do not unzip the file just upload the zip file and here you go!

Click Activate

Now go to your site and you will see a new WordPress theme and here customizing your theme is required.

Step 6 Includes producing awesome content connecting writer with the reader

Now you from here the real work begins to show the WordPress CMS will help you in creating content for your visitors. if you are a big now stop worrying about publishing a new post every day or every week the main thing that works best for you will be a high-quality long blog post. You need to take time and do research, make it something that solves someone’s problem, or give them some tips or tricks. it’s more about the quality over quantity and writing a blog post that answers questions are what you can consider right now in your initial stages.

You wanted to know how to start a blog on Siteground and here you are!


This is the time when you have almost found this guide on how to start a blog on Siteground which can be termed as super helpful for the freshers as well as the experienced techies. Should be straight a place and the main thing is to help people out by giving them a block post in a strategic way and this is how your first dollar 1K can be earned through your blog in a day.

Effective FAQ’s On How To Start a Blog With Siteground?

  1. Can I blog on my phone?

    Yes with WordPress mobile edition which is the plug-in that needs to be installed in your mobile device. Your plug-in helps the visitors to view the site it is a mobile-friendly interface. With their plug-in, you get various mobile browsers automatically detected and the list of these mobile browsers can also be customized.
    With the self users who will be owning a self-hosted website is also getting a mobile-friendly e admin section from where you can post directly to your blog. If you own an iPhone and iPod touch users can use version 3.0 also there are various customize the interface for various advanced mobile browsers.
    It is compatible with WordPress super cache with separate themes making it touch-friendly but the con is that the themes aren’t available for self-hosted WordPress blogs.

  2. Do I need to be a techie to start a WordPress blog?

    Your it is a yes-no situation but when you begin with WordPress blogging you don’t need to be a techie to start a WordPress blogging website. videos girls are available through which you can view the tasks and even technical task setup of web hosting which we already mentioned in this blog and what can be needed to be done to set up your blog and how to get in traffic too.

  3. Can I still make money with blogging?

    Blogging is one of the major reasons through which people connect with the writer and this is the reason for it getting a good response and return. Through blogging by using various popular marketing tools a majority of blog readers increase every day and some are authentic followers (traffic) that helps in creating a successful blog.
    Below certain facts in terms of blogging
    ● About one-fourth of online websites consists of blogs that are popular ones
    ● About 68% of blog content is written in the English language
    ● About 37% of bloggers give importance to analytics.
    ● The average length is around 1000 words but several bloggers create detail long-form content as Google loves it and improve the SEO rankings also.
    ● Headlines should be usually kept around 14 to 15 words making it compelling will be perfect
    ● Approximately 77.3 million blog users use the WordPress platform for blogging as there are several cost-effective plugins from feet free to paid features
    ● Around 82% of online people read blogs that interest them and over 3-4 of internet users love to read
    ● Several bloggers block to earn money where they can share their knowledge and help the readers to attain the knowledge required creating a blog has now become a part of living for many people intend to earn a lot through this medium.

  4. How much does it cost to start a WordPress blog?

    Starting a WordPress website for blogging can range from $100 to $500 up to 3000 dollars or you can even get it as much as dollar 30000. it depends on what type of website you need to build and this will affect your cost of the websites.
    Building a WordPress website in a low budget cost under dollar hundred where domain name will cost you dollar 14.99 per year and web hosting cost around Dollars 7.99 per month. Which Siteground web hosting plan to get various features with Siteground coupons can be used for your hosting which gives you 60% off for the first year.
    If you have a more flexible budget then you can go up for the Siteground grow big blank if you are a small business owner with no technical background this is the thing you need it for your website.

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