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How To Start A Blog

Are you thinking about starting a blog? But don’t know How To Start A Blog From Scratch?

Blogging has become one of the best ways to express your ideas to people around the web and not only for this purpose, but a lot of people out there are trying to make money and increase their productivity from it, and they are making a lot of money from blogging.

As a student or private- worker, you can also start a blog to earn enough money to handle your daily expenses by just engaging yourself only about 2-3 hours per day on your pc.

But here many of you face a problem related to how to do it as by just creating a blog website and posting every day will not going to help you to get any profit from the blog.

Because you are not only the one who has a blog website on the web currently, there are tons of other sites out there, and many of them are driving a lot of money from their website per month.

Now, a new question has pop-out in our mind about how I earn money from my website among your competitors.

Don’t worry about these problems to solve all your queries related to this topic; we will discuss all the essential techniques that can help you to run your blog successfully on the web.

Here we have all in one guide for How to start a blog from scratch? So you can start your blog and earn money from it efficiently.

Before starting our discussion have a looks on points we are going to cover in this all in one blog guide:

  • Step 1 : Pick An Appropriate Niche For Your Blog.
  • Step 2 : Blogger Or WordPress
  • Step 3 : Find a Trusted Web Hosting and Domain Name Provider.
  • Step 4 : Choose The Most Appropriate Name of The Domain of Your Site.
  • Step 5 : How To Set Up Your WordPress Blog
  • Step 6 : Choose a perfect theme according to your website’s niche.
  • Step 7 : Some Essential Plugin ( Plugin Name With Their Usage )
  • Step 8 : Write and Publish Your First Blog Post On Your Website And Make It Visible On Web
  • Special Bonus : How To Make Money From Blog

That’s enough as an intro about How To Start A Blog From Scratch?

Let’s get started.

Step 1 : Pick A Perfect Niche For Your Blog ( Most Important Step For Success )

Here most of us get confused as not all niches will give us profit from our blog.

As we mentioned earlier, there are already tons of websites out there on the web with a variety of niches. Then How To Select A Perfect Niche To Maximize Your Revenue?

Here we have mentioned  some of the points; you must think them over before selecting any niche for your blog:

  1. Select only those niche on which you have an interest because if you select a niche not related to your interest, you will lose your interest in blogging on that niche within a month.

    As after uploading some posts, you will not get any further ideas on the topic in which you can write quality and unique content.

    But at the same time, you also have to keep in mind that your interest related niche will be unique for blogging.

    Let’s clear this for you with an example: If you are interested in blogging and start a  website in which you are thinking to tell views about how to start blogging, SEO tips, and many more related to blogging.

    Then popular websites like shoutmeloud will become your competitor as they are working on the same niche for many years.

    Believe us; this is not a great idea to start in this kind of niche at your beginning life as a blogger, which has already been uploaded by many authentic sites.

    Now the question is then How To Select those niche which has less competition, and they are easy to rank on Google?

  2. To select a niche that has less competition. You have to find out that topic that has high search volume but less blog on that topic on the web for this. You can use many free tools.

    Tools like Google Trends, Keyword Planner can be used to find a perfect niche for your blog so you can generate more revenue by putting less effort on your website.

    Our suggestion is not to choose to select a topic that is already on the web in abundant quantity. However, you can select the main keyword’s subtopic or related search to sub-keywords as your website’s niche.

    Let’s take an example if you have an interest in blogging but do not want to compete with big authorised websites like shoutmeloud or Neil Patel. You can choose a topic related to the main niche as your blog niche.

    But How? It is effortless. You just have to search that main keyword on Google.

    As you can see, here are some related searches when we google How To Start Blogging?

    how to start a wordpess blog from scratch in 2020

    So before selecting a topic for your website, you have to research that topic and make sure that they will be going to work for you or not

Step 2 : WordPress Or Blogger ( Which One Is Right )

Both of them are very popular in the field of creating a website. But Which Of Them Will Be Best For Creating Your Site?

Let’s discuss

 Our suggestion is to choose WordPress if you are willing to run your site for a long time and make it more authentic to succeed in this field. Bloggers will not help you for an extended period.

As all the Blogger website is the host on a server which is provided by Google itself, that’s why when your site starts getting more traffic then your site which is on blogger starts getting slow down and eventually it will affect your site traffic.

In this busy world, no one will wait for even a second to read your blog post.

Your website hosting directly is going to affect your site speed, so if you want to make an authentic site, only excellent hosting service from the right provider will help you.

WordPress is better than Blogger But Why ?

 as it offers many features than a blogger. One of them is Plugins.

Plugins on WordPress is the best service offered by WordPress we ever found. There are a variety of WordPress plugins for different proposals.

Plugins help you to customise your WP site just as you want, and also, many plugins help you to write an SEO custom post which has high chances of ranking on Google.

Later in this blog post, we have also discussed some of the best and essential plugins, which you must try if you are going to start with WordPress or already a WordPress user.

Besides our suggestion, if you still want to have your site on Blogger, then for it, you just need to have a Google account of yours. Click HERE, and after signing in from your Google Account, just follow the steps.

Step 3 :
Choose The Most Proper Name Of The Domain Of Your Site ( Easy To Remember )

Choosing the proper domain name of your website is not too hard. You just need to select that name which will be related to your content keywords.

Before selecting a domain name for the site, you should keep some important points which we are going to discuss:

  1. Keep your domain name short and simple so for people, it is easy to remember the name.
  2. Don’t use the number in your domain name as it will hurt your website SEO and also not easy for people to remember such type of domain with a number used in making it.
  3. If your domain name is related to your website’s main keyword, then it will also improve your website SEO.
  4. There are many tools which will help you to find out the best domain name for your website according to your website’ niche.

One of them is Namecheap which will help you to find a proper domain name according to your blog niche.

You just need to text keyword related to your domain niche and click on SUBMIT button Nameboy will suggest you the perfect available domain idea with all the domain extension.

Step 4 : How To Set Up Your WordPress Blog ( 10 Minute Installation )

Want to begin a WordPress blog, right? It is never easy to start a blog without getting no issues.  We have assisted 3.5 lakh users who want to make their blog. And most of them have gained success.

That’s why we have decided to make a perfect guideline that assists you to understand how to set-up a WordPress blog without any technical knowledge.

When you are trying to begin a WordPress blog, you need to set up the software first of all. Then you need to install WordPress, register yourself, make an account, etc. You won’t face any problem while setting up the WordPress blog.

Whether you are 16 years old or you are in the 70s, you can easily set up your WordPress blog for free.

Our dedicated well-experienced experts are always there for you to provide you with the best assistance. When you follow the procedure step by step, you must get this process easy.

When you make up your mind that you will start a WordPress blog, you need three things to create.

First of all, you need to give a name to your blog that is It is called a domain name idea.

You need to generate a web hosting account where your created website lives on the internet.

You can complete the blog within thirty minutes. We help you from start to end and help you to correct your mistakes in the whole method.

Set Up A Proccess Of WordPress

When a beginner starts to make a WordPress blog, they can make mistakes. They can choose the wrong platform to blog. But you don’t need to think more as you are here. We give you the best assistance to every customer.

For most of the users, it creates a lot of issues to use, which is also known as self-hosted WordPress. As you can easily access it and use the WordPress blog easily, you can install plugins.

Besides, you can customise your blog design, and the most important thing is that you can make money from your blog without any restrictions.

WordPress is a number in which one website platform utilised with the help of all successful blogs. While you use the entire process, you get to see 34% of all websites on the internet utilise WordPress.

Now you may have a few questions in your mind like why WordPress is free? What is the advantage of a WordPress blog? Yes, there are some benefits, and it is free as you have to set-up and fix it yourself. That means a domain name and web hosting.

Each site needs web hosting.

If you want, you can use an official WordPress recommended hosting provider. From there you can get many offers and for a free domain name and get over 60% off on web hosting.

Bluehost is an old web hosting company on the internet. They have the biggest brand names, too when we are coming to talk about WordPress hosting.

Here we give the procedure of setting up significant WordPress blog.

  • Do you know about the site ground account? If not, still, you don’t need to take any tension. You can easily know about this.

     First of all, you need to go to the site ground account you have. If you have purchased it already, you will get the same display after login to your account.

  • After that, you have to choose the start of a website button to create a brand new website.
  • Then, you need to tap on the software and install it which you like to have.
  • Next, tap on the option of the WordPress software so that you can install it on your website.
  • After that, you need to complete some login details which are necessary for your website. But the details are very important, so we always recommend you to keep your password. You can write it in any diary, and therefore this helps you to not forget while using it.
  • When you have filled out all the necessary details, the, you need to click on the complete details option if you want to continue with the large process.
  • The entire process doesn’t get too much time to complete the setup process of the WordPress website.
  • Now what you need to do is to tap on the proceed button to go on the customer area.
  • After that, you need to tap on the option my account button which is present on the menu and then you need to tap on the installation tab.
  • After that, you need to tap on the Go to Admin Panel option when you want to see your latest blog admin dashboard.
  • After successfully doing all the steps, you need to redirect to the WordPress dashboard. And then sign in the essential details by tapping the login button.

Thus, you can set up your WordPress server.

Step 5 : Find A Trusted Web Hosting and Domain Provider

To set-up a website you need a domain and hosting,

But before finding a domain and hosting, you should know What Is A Domain Name? Or What Is Hosting?

What Is Domain Name ?

Domain name is the web address for your website by typing your website’s domain name on the browser. Any person on the web will visit your site.

If you are getting a link like then abc will be the domain name with .com as a Top-Level Domain.

What Is Hosting ?

Web Hosting works like a hard disk in your PC. Web Hosting stored all your blog files like text, video, image, gifs, and many more and made it visible to those who want to access them and secure them.

As we mentioned earlier, an excellent hosting service will be going to help you to run your website and make it an authorised site.

Now you know about domain and hosting.

let us discuss some of the trusted web hosting and domain providers from where you can purchase your domain and host services for the website.

 There are many websites out on the web which provide services of web hosting and domain.

Some of them are cheaper, but you can’t trust them easily as when it’s time to upgrade your hosting service to a new hosting service provider, you have to pay a high amount of money to them.

Then, Where to buy hosting and domain for your websites?

But, you don’t have to worry about What Are Some Trusted Web Hosting And Domain Providers?

We have selected some of the best-trusted hosting and domain service providers in our list, which will be the best choice for you if you are a beginner:

Hostinger Web Hosting

This web hosting is the best choice for those who are a noob in this field as it is cheap and also very easy to use even for a noob.

They also give their user refund option of 30 days if they didn’t like their services. They can take their money back so as not to worry about your money. They will be in safe hands.

Hostinger web hosting plan starts from $0.99/month, which will include: 

  • You can connect to one website.
  • You will get a free SSL certificate.
  • You will get bandwidth up to 100Gb and many more options.

Below are some more web hosting plans Hostinger offers with the unlimited website, bandwidth and many more(SEE IMAGE)

Check Latest Discounted Price

Siteground Web Hosting ( WordPress Recommended ) also recommends SiteGround as one of the web hostings.

SiteGround is the best option if you are thinking of starting an ECommerce website, then we will suggest you select this hosting for your site. It is a little bit costly, but SiteGround hosting works well for even bulky sites like the E-Commerce website.

It provides a more flexible and easy way to connect with them whenever you face issues related to their hosting.

SiteGround startup plan will cost you 6.99$/month, which will include:

  • You can connect to one website.
  • You will get 10 GB Web Space.
  • SiteGround startup plan can handle up to 10k of visitors per month, which is enough for a beginner and many other options.

But if you have a high budget, choose GrowBig and GoGeek plans from SiteGround, which will be better bulky sites like an E-Commerce site. (Have A Look On Image)

Check Latest Discounted Price


The best part with a2 hosting is that we can migrate our site without any cost.

As we mentioned earlier, many hosting providers will provide your hosting service at the meagre price, but when it’s time to migrate your site, you have to pay high.

For that a2hosting, you can easily migrate your site without paying for that.

A2hosting startup plan starts from 2.99$/month, which includes:

  • You can connect to one site.
  • You will get 100GB SSD storage.
  • Anytime Money Back Guarantee, etc.

Check Latest Discounted Price

We have included only three web hosting in the trusted web-hosting and domain provider but don’t take our words in the wrong way.

There are also many other trusted web hosting providers out there, but according to us, these three web hosting providers are best for beginners.

All the above hosting service providers also provide a domain name so you can buy both of them from a single website and this is also flexible for you.

As if you buy both of them from the same website it will be easy for you to migrate to another site without any more efforts.

Step 6 : Choose A Perfect Theme According To Your Website Niche

Is the appearance of your website matters?

The answer is “Yes”.

A website having a great appearance will attract more audience then a website having a simple look.

Now, How Would You Make Your Website Appearance Good?

Using customised and beautiful theme on your WP website can make your website looks great.

There are a lot of themes out there available for your WordPress website, but not all of them provide you best loading speed time with additional features.

That’ why we have selected some of the best WP themes suitable for all kind of niche(free & premium) with high speed and many additional features.

Let’s dive in

  • Ray – Fashion, Clothing & Furniture

It is the best to the straightforward, dominant, flexible theme. Suppose you want your E-Commerce site deserves an extraordinary look. Then you should try it for your site.

Best free theme alternative to Rey is Leto.

  • Newspaper

It is the best theme if you are planning to make your site on news or magazines niches—an excellent choice for NEWS website with more flexibility, responsive theme with fast page speed load time.

Best free theme alternative to Newspaper is Online News.

 These two themes are enough to handle any kind of niche.

Click here to know Top 7 Free WP Theme.

Step 7 : Some Essential Plugin ( Plugin Name With Their Usage )

I have mentioned it earlier in this post

How Plugin Help Us In Ranking Your Post & Increase Our Website Traffic?

 Before we start on Some Best Plugin For Our WordPress Site, we should know

What Is WordPress Plugins?

how to add plugins in wordpress

 WordPress Plugins:  WP plugins are written in PHP programming language, which makes it easier to add additional features on your website and make it look like a professional website without knowing any little bit about coding.

You can add many useful features on our WordPress site by adding different types of the plugin to your self hosted WordPress website.

We have discussed some of the best plugins for WordPress with their uses, so without wasting more time. Let’s dive in it:

  1. Semrush Seo Writing Assistant

SEMrush is a keyword research tool from which you can find with which keyword you can rank easily on google or on which keyword it is hard to rank also helps you to find building backlinks opportunities and many more.

It is trusted by most of the professional and digital marketers to search for their competitors SEO strategy. SEMrush offers many services, and one of them is  SEMrush SEO Writing Assistant.

It is beneficial for those who are beginners, and they have no idea about

how to write SEO optimised content for their post.

Without SEO, it is impossible to rank our post on Google so that this plugin will give you suggestions for content optimisation according to the top 10 ranked page on Google for your given keywords.

It is used by many experts and professionals to check whether their content meets the quality according to Google which enhances the chances of ranking on Google for that particular content.

Is it free?

The answer to the question is “Yes” it is free you just have to connect your SEMRUSH account but with the limited feature, if you want to access full features of it you have to buy the premium version of SEMRUSH.

Grab Semrush Free Trail Here

  • Smush – Compress, Image Optimizer, Lazy Load, WebP Images

If you want to make your content look attractive to your visitors then just writing unique content is not going to help you.

Visitors will follow your site only when they understand the content which is on your website. Here the image on your content will be going to help you to make trusted visitors.

& many experts also recommended that images can help you to drive more traffic to your sites.

At the same time, you can not just add images to your site in any format as it makes your site bulky which will eventually make your site page speed slow down and you may lose a considerable amount of your website’s traffic.

Here comes Smush – Compress, Image Optimizer, Lazy Load, WebP Images. It is an award-winning image optimiser.

It will help you to compress and optimise any image on your WP site without decreasing its quality and keep your site from slowing down which will enhance google page speed.

The best part is that it is free. You heard it right, and you can use its services without paying for their services.

  • WooCommerce

If you are deciding to create an E-Commerce site, then this plugin is only for you. It is one of the best plugins for the online store website.

WooCommerce is a viral plugin for the E-Commerce website as it includes many compelling options that you can use to make your website a proper digital market.

With the help of this plugin

you can add Product, Cart, and Checkout pages, Secure payments by credit card and alternatives, Configurable shipping options, including flat rates and many more cool options which make it the best plugin for an E-Commerce site.

  • Redirection

When you delete any post and page of your site, that page will start showing many page errors like 303, 401 instead of showing any content on that page which lead to eventually impact on your google ranking and also impact your site SEO.

To avoid these types of massive loss to your site Redirection is the best available option trusted by millions of WordPress users from over ten years and provides free services.

  • Preety Links

Best WordPress plugin if you are going to start a blog on affiliate and digital marketers, Pretty Links – Link Management, Branding, Tracking & Sharing Plugin is the best plugin for managing your affiliate link. It helps you to make your affiliate link easy to remember for your visitors.

You can make your affiliate link the same as your domain name. This plugin will redirect that link to the affiliate link and also give you to see the number of clicks on that particular customised link and from which source.

It is available in both free and a pro version with some additional features. To know more about Pretty Links Pro, CLICK HERE.

  • W3Total Cache

W3TC is another plugin which helps you to increase your traffic on your site. As site speed is one of the major factors which decides to rank your site on Google or not.

W3 Total Cache helps you to decrease the load on bandwidth and minifies HTML, JavaScript, CSS, and feeds, and this will eventually help in speeding your website speed.

  • Email Subscribers & Newsletters

Simple and Effective Email Marketing WordPress Plugin is the best all in one plugin on WordPress which allows you to collect leads, send automated new blog post notification emails, create & send broadcasts.

It is used by many regular bloggers, website owner and marketer as it includes all the features which are very useful for updating your viewers so they can visit your site.

Whenever you update any post to your website this plugin will send a notification to your visitors.

It is available in the free version with some limited features and a pro version which will give access to its more features like  Create Unlimited Post Digest, Schedule email sends,  Protect your list from bot attacks and many more.

To know more about its premium version

  • WordPress SEO Plugin – RankMath

SEO is the key for the success of any blog, but It is not enough to rank your site only with good practice on off-page SEO of your content but also on-page SEO also affects your website ranking in many ways.

To make your content fully optimized, Rankmanth introduces the WordPress SEO plugin, which is totally free of cost and also helps you to improve your on-page SEO within a few clicks.

We have discussed all the important plugins which will have better results for your sites. Some of them are premium while some  are free.

Now we have ideas about some of the best plugins which are on WordPress, and you should use them to improve your site for both Google and your audience.

But do you know

How To Install Plugins To Your WordPress Website?

Here we have included a step by step process to solve your query also. Let’s dive in.

  1. Go to your WordPress admin dashboard.
  2. On the right side of your screen you might see an option of “Plugins” 
  3. Click on Plugins again and you will see three options choose Add New.
  4. Click on Upload Plugin and select the plugin zip file you want to install on your WordPress site.
  5. Once installation is completed, hit the “activate button”.
  6. That’s all now you can use that plugin to customize your WP website.

Congratulations!! Your WP site is ready to use. Now it’s time to talk about the soul of your Website.

Don’t get confused here we are talking about the content.

Without content, your WP site is nothing more than a body without its soul. So, now we will talk about

What Are The Points You Keep On Your Mind While Writing Any Content For Your Site?

Step 8 : Write and Publish Your First Blog Post On Your Website And Make It Visible On Web

Creating a unique and quality content is not too difficult. You just need to keep in mind some of the points we are going to mention below that’s all. So let’s create your first blog post for you site:

If in case you are not getting time for creating content, you can also hire a content writer like me who will create stunning content for your site with proper on-page SEO.

However if you can’t afford any content writer to write for you on your site. We have shared some tricks so you can write quality content by yourself. Let’s dive in.

We already mentioned earlier that as much as your audience believes your content is helpful for them, they will visit your website again and again.

But before creating a content, we should know

How to open the page where you are going to write your content on WordPress?

Here we go:

  1. Go to your WP admin panel.
  2. Click on the “New” button on the top of your Website.
  3. Now choose “Post.”

how to add post in wordpress

Always keep in mind Content Is The King without a quality content it is not possible to create a successful website or blog.

We have shared some tips with  you on How You Can Create Quality Content For Your Site?

  • You have to find a profitable keyword using tools like Ubersuggest, ashrefs, and semrush according to your convenience. Remember your keyword should relate to your selected niche. As sometimes websites with different topics confuse Google crawler bots to detect on which niche your website is all about.
  • You have to create an attention-grabbing title for your content. For this use power words in your title with your targeted keyword.
  • A proper introduction is very important for your content. We have noticed many new bloggers don’t give an introduction in any of their content which causes them a huge loss of traffic to their sites.
  • Try to tell the audience what they are going to read in that article. Use keywords on your first paragraph of your content intro so google crawl bots can find out on which topic this article is all about. So, Google can show results when anyone searches on that given topic.
  • When we say, your content should have Quality. It isn’t about creating content, with 0% of plag reports. Research on keywords and find one with high search volume but less Google post on that particle keywords. Use keywords research tools like ahrefs to get better results.
  • Break down your full article in small paragraphs so your audience can read your full article easily. Use simple words and make your content at a point don’t add useless points as it decreases the interest in reading that article for your audience, which is not suitable for your website and you both.
  • Always keep your content in a conversational tone, treat your visitors like a best friend not as an audience and try to write in your tone as if you are talking to your friends.It helps in creating a bond with you and your audience. This technique is used by many bloggers to create an interest in reading any article for their audience.

That’s all in tips and tricks on How to create quality content for your website?

 Now you have uploaded your first post on your website Now

How Google Will Found Out That There Is A Content On Particular Topic?

Here you have to submit a sitemap on Google Console and after submitting the sitemap.

You have to index the page containing your content manually so Google can know that there is one more result on that particular topic and showing on Google results whenever someone texts any queries related to that specific topic or keywords.

Special Bonus : How To Make Money From Blog

At present, there are a lot of ways of making money from your website.

We are going to discuss some of the best and common ways from which people are making millions of dollars per month at present.

Let’s dive in it:

  • Through Showing Ads On Your Blog: It is one of the common ways from which most popular websites are generating a lot of revenue per month. There are a lot of ads serving websites which are waiting for you. They will show ads on your website, and instead of that, you are getting paid.

Ads serving sites like Adsense(most popular among ads serving site),, Doterra and many more which will pay you a handsome amount of money if you allow them to show their ads on your website.

  • By Affiliate Marketing : There are many popular websites which do not show ads on their site as ads are very annoying to your audience when they are reading an article.

Many popular sites do not like to show ads to their audience, so they do not use Ads serving locations then How They Earn? They use an affiliate link to earn their revenue, and ShoutMeLoud is one of the websites which make a handsome amount of income using this method in their blog post.

Affiliate Links are those links that will generate a commission to you when anyone will buy their product using that link.

There are many companies which offer different items and allow you to make you an affiliate account for free on their site and will provide you with a specific affiliate link specially generated for that account.

If your audience by using that link you will get paid some commission on the items. The more they buy, the more they earn.

Offer Services: You can make a website to provide services. All of us have some knowledge of a particular field.

Start showing your speciality through your websites. You can provide some details about the topic you can offer them so if any visitor can visit that site can know What Quality of service will he get when he hires you.

That’s all on How To Start A Blog From Scratch?

But let us make it clear that you have to work hard at the beginning of your time, but once your website becomes popular among your audience and gathers attention.

You can generate millions of dollars per day without putting many affordances on it.

FAQ Related To How To Start A Blog From Scratch

We have Selected Some Frequently Asked Questions For You Over The Web. Let’s discuss them:

Q.1 What is the best site to start a blog for free?

There are many sites which offer you to create a free blog using their subdomain name. Here is the list:

Wix, Weebly, Medium, Ghost, Blogger, Tumblr, Joomla and many more.

Q.2 What type of blogs makes the most money?

A unique and different one will generate you the most money. But besides this blog on affiliate marketing is very popular and the best way to generate a lot of money. Click Here To Know More

Q.3 How Do I Promote My Blog?

At the beginning of your blogging time your site will not get enough traffic, so you have to promote it yourself.

You can promote your blog in many ways like:

  1. Create Backlinks From Other Sites.
  2. Quora is the best way to increase your blog traffic for free. Use your Quora account and answer the question of the people who are sharing your problem on Quora. Make an attractive content we have already tell you How To Do This? Even experts are driving millions of traffics from Quora to their sites.
  3. Visit to more social network app like twitter, Facebook, etc. and share your blog post with people. You will find many people you just need to create stunning content.

Q.4 Can You Make Full-Time Income Blogging?

Yes, there are people a lot of people who left there 9 to 5 jobs and generating a lots of money from their sites.

Even Kulwant Nagi(Owner of left the job to become a full-time blogger, and now he is making a significant amount of money using blogging. Click HERE to know more.

Q.5 Are Blogs Still Profitable In 2020?

Yes, the blogger is still money and more than in 2019. It is just Covid-19, not WW3.