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Hostinger India Review 2020: Cheap, Secure and Fast Web Hosting

Are You Looking For Honest Hostinger India Review 2020?

In a world where we all thrive on the internet, web hosting has dominated the market and made it easy and workable for users around the world to rum their site efficiently. Because of increased traffic on the internet, web hosting services are becoming very important for all website owners.

Besides providing a safe base and server to websites, these services provide data center space and fast connectivity to the internet that in return provide fast loading pages and reliable services. There have been many web hosts operating on the internet but only a few have made it to top.

This hostinger India review 2020 talks about all the services provided and how you can enjoy them.

Hostinger India


  • Attractive Prices
  • Best Speed
  • 99.9% Up-Time
  • Free SSL Certificate


  • Support Over Phone Call Not Available
  • No Traditional cPenal

Hostinger is one company that has been providing web hosting services since 2005 to almost every country on Earth. Hostinger boasts of its 29 million users and its operations in 178 countries. Hostinger was founded in Kaunas, Lithuania in 2004. It is originally an employee-owned web hosting provides and contrary to belief it is very price effective.

Hostinger has solid and dependable plans for its wide and distinct client base. It is used by businesses and individuals and organizations. It allows taking your services and data online efficiently and in no time.

In this hostinger India review 2020 we will discuss how well this hosting service is and how anyone can enjoy it, we will discuss reviews based on user experience and answer some commonly asked questions.

Why do you need a web hosting service provider like Hostinger?

Hostinger India Review 2020

Web hosting isn’t a very popular service as people don’t think about it until they need one. Without web hosting, any website with your favorite content would crackdown when it sees increased web traffic. Web hosting solves this problem by providing data center and web hosts that provide your website with a large shared space to store its data. The data stored in these servers is easily accessible on the internet and thus increasing the speed of the website booting process.

Hostinger provides shared web hosting. In this web hosting, your website shares space with other sites on a large server and shares its resources. The major benefit is that cheap web hosting. Cheap website hosting is like icing on the cake for any beginner and helps you reduce the cost of working. In the following Hostinger India review 2020, we will talk all about it.

Services provided by hostinger India

Virtual private server hosting

hostinger india review 2020 vps hosting

VPS hosting is the minimum tier hosting required if you want to own a website and are serious about its working. After making a website, you need to have an online presence. VPS hosting provides you with servers that improve your site’s performance, thus making it more visible online and user friendly. VPS hosting gives you more server resources as compared to shared server hosting, as there are comparatively fewer websites on that server.

Hostinger review India will tell you all about VPS hosting. Hostinger has 10 VPS plans including 6 Linux based and 4 windows-based, this is a good deal. The basic level Linux program has 1 GB ram, 20 Gb storage, and 1000 GB monthly data transfers. The top tier Linux based plans have higher storage, more ram, and higher data transfers allowed monthly.

Hostinger also has windows-based on VPS plans with slightly different specs and features like 2 Gb of ram, 50gb of storage, and 4000 Gb of monthly data transfers for nearly $26. These plans will serve your purpose you need to wisely select a plan and make a smart decision where you pay less and still use all their service (you can also apply several coupons only for Hostinger India).

Hostinger VPS Hosting

WordPress web hosting

hostinger india review 2020 wordpress hosting

WordPress is the most popular web management system in the world. Because of its robust plug-in and theme ecosystem, it is easy to use and you can customize them according to your needs. Because of its worldwide use, hostinger too provides WordPress web hosting plans.

The plans are as single, premium, and business. Their names are the same as Hostinger’s shared hosting plans. The specs are pretty great and are the same as that of shared hosting. Three hosting plans are; single, premium, and business. The single is for people who own one website and have lower data transfer.

The premium plan has unlimited website hosting, data transfer, and 20 Gb storage. The business plan as the name suggests gives you all premium features plus an SSL certificate for your site, regular backups, and most importantly high processing power.

In this Hostinger India review 2020, you will further get to know about the benefits of Hostinger’s WordPress hosting India.

Hostinger WordPress Hosting

Shared web hosting plans and specifications

hostinger india review 2020 shared web hosting

Hostinger like any other hosting service providers shared hosting at a very affordable price. Shared hosting is the type where your website is on a server with other websites. The sites share a single server’s resources. The benefit of this cohabitation is reduced cost and affordable pricing, which can be handy for a beginner website.

Hostinger’s web hosting plans are divided into three: the first one being the single plan which stands at Rs. 59/month and hosts one website. Their premium plans start at 119/month and let you host an unlimited website with free domain, free SSL certificate, weekly backups, 100 subdomains. The business web hosting plan starts at rs.219/ month, it gives you all the features of the premium plan but with daily backups and unlimited bandwidth. The pricing is affordable and the best in the Indian market.

This web hosting is very good for start-ups or bloggers or small shop owners.

Shared Web Hosting By Hostinger

Cloud Hosting By Hostinger

cloud hosting by hostinger india review 2020

Cloud hosting is a very latest form of web hosting and has seen its demand increase over the year. In Cloud hosting, your website is powered by several online servers that mean your website isn’t limited to physical server barriers. Hostinger has three cloud hosting tiers: Cloud start-up, cloud professional, and cloud enterprise. We will discuss their pricing and specs.

In this Hostinger India review 2020, we will discuss its 3 types.

  • Cloud start-up: Starting at Rs. 599/month, this plan offers unlimited no. Of website with 3gb ram, 100 GB SSD storage, and 2 CPU cores. This is very beneficial for new business ideas as you can increase your content in no real-time at affordable prices.
  • Professional: These plans are very effective for big organizations and firms that have a large inflow of data. The basic plan is priced at RS.1099/month that gives unlimited no. of the website with 6 GB ram with 140 GB SSD storage and 2 times the normal speed and whooping 4 CPU cores.
  • Cloud Global: This plan gives you unlimited websites with 16 Gb ram and 200 Gb SSD storage and 4 times better web loading and 8 CPU Cores for high-end quality performance. With new unicorns being added every year in India, this plan is good for their websites.

Setting up a website

Hostinger has several options for building a website from scratch. The app’s website building tool is very efficient user friendly. Just like WordPress, it gives you the freedom to choose your website design. This website building comes with many advantages such as compatible web hosting tools, cloud storage.

Server Status of Hostinger India

Server uptime is one of the most important factors while choosing the best HOST. Server uptime is defined as the % of the time, the website is online and working properly i.e. if the website is always online for 24hrs then server uptime is 100%. Uptime of hostinger is the last three months have been 99.9985, 100.00%, and 99.996%. this data simply shows that hostinger is reliable. Hostinger’s average server uptime is 99.946%. so you can depend on hostinger for the fast loading of your website.

As hosting’s motto says, “milliseconds matter, be fast to be first.”

In this Post, we will also discuss the service response time of the websites hosted on hostinger. Server response time is the average time taken by the website to load the requested data by the user. The server response plays a very important role in increasing traffic on your website and making permanent visitors. Server response time depends on many things such as having good server resources, removing cache files, compressed images, etc.

Hostinger boasts of an impressive response time that is 0.8s to 1s. This depends upon the size of your website and the elements you put on your website.


We will also discuss hosting of e-commerce website in this Hostinger India review 2020you own a store and are ready to go online to increase sales, you can opt for a hostinger e-commerce tool. Going online as e-commerce requires a very specific website with user-friendly links and verified payment gateways. In recent days, e-commerce has been on the rise as consumers are preferring online purchases than window shopping. Hostinger has many important e-commerce tools such as op-art, pasta shop, simple invoices, and Zencart. Choose the best e-commerce tool that meets your needs and find a domain and get started.

world-class security tools

If you have a fully working site, you will need a security tool that protects your data from online viruses and frauds even hacking. Hostinger provides a data security tool on its platform. In hostinger, you get a free Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificate with some plans hosting or you can also buy some from the shop. This protection is done between the visitor’s computer and your website. These security concerns become more important if you have anything on your site to sell and involves money transactions.

Because of the increased use of the internet, attackers have become more prominent and dangerous. They may also use your website to do their illegal activities. The risk is not only limited to the website but also hosting servers and even hosting servers face virus attacks and have to fight all the malware that has been downloaded in the system. The SSL certificate provided by hostinger encrypts the data on your website, including that of visitors. Hostinger hosting also provides Cloudflare CDN which boosts page load time and also secures your site, it also protects the site from DDOS attacks and other threats. Hostinger India review 2020 has suggested the best out there.

Customer Service and Feedback

Hostinger India reviews 2020 will also let you know about security details in hosting’s web hosting server. For any website owner, there are many questions and queries, hostinger understands your queries and answers all your questions. A good customer service and support team is a big factor in selecting a web hosting server as you will get confused many times with its tools, you must have a functional support team. Hostinger has one of the best service support team.

A live chat option is always present on the bottom right corner of the panel where you can talk to their chat support about your queries, the chat support team is very polite and answers all the queries within time with small and sweet gestures. Though Hostinger lacks a call for customer service, its chat support team compensates for it. The chat support answers all the common and common queries within time, and if any question is taking time, they contact you through email after the query has been resolved.

Feedback is a very important aspect of any Service Provider. Feedback ensures customer’s engagement and helps improve the services. Hostinger always welcomes the valuable feedback by customers and always ensures to act upon it. Being a good customer, you should always give feedback to the company as it will further make things good for you.

Money Back Guarantee

Hostinger Review will let you the money-back guarantee. Hostinger is very considerate about its clients and understands the trends in the market, so it provides a money-back guarantee. The 30-day money-back guarantee is based on terms and conditions. If a user has purchased web hosting from hostinger but finds the service below expectations, he can talk to chat support and if the request is valid, he will receive money back from the company. One thing to note is that money given back is that of subscription and not domain name purchase. Once a domain name is purchased, the money can’t be refunded. Also, any digital assets such as cryptocurrency won’t be given back.

Exclusive Hpanel

Unlike other web hosting websites that use the Cpanel for customizing, it uses the hpanel formation, this custom panel gives you ample choice in tools that can be used in a web hosting. Its custom panel has all the required options in one window. The options available are email accounts, database, account details, file manager, domains. These and many more are available to make it user friendly and easy. You can also use this hpanel to access caching settings, SSH access, and PHP configurations, thus making your life easy.

Using CDN for high performance

Content delivery network i.e. can be a handy tool to speed up your website loading. Apart from increasing site loading speed, it is also used to protect the website from DDoS attacks, acts as Network Bridge between several protocols, and oversees all the requests made from your system and the user. CDN costs between 9$ to 10$ but as a complimentary item, it is provided free of cost with the yearly plan of Hostinger.

Disk Storage

In this hostinger India review 2020, we will discuss the disk storage provided for the user. As mentioned before in previous topics, hostinger gives 5Gb to 150Gb SSD storage depending upon the plan, you need to choose wisely, the plan that benefits you. If you have just made a site, then 20 GB SSD storage is enough for you.

If you have a site with high user traffic and large data files then the premium and business plans would work for you. These storage plans are user-specific and can be changed anytime you want. But, it is always suggested that you should choose the one that meets your requirement. Storage also affects data loading speed, so if you want quick loading speed, bigger storage will work.

Regular Backups

Backups are the only way that you can keep data on your website safe and protected. Backups are taken daily, weekly, monthly depending upon the plan selected by the user. Many users believe that backup isn’t important as they aren’t going to lose any data. But, when you have a website on the internet, you always have a very high probability of getting infected by malware or a virus or get attacked by online criminals, in these situations backups come very handy and you can restart your work from wherever you left it.

Sometimes, if any data file is deleted mistakenly or you have many unnecessary changes and you want the original content to be restored, backups are the only hope. The backup tools are provided by hostinger in the system, but you can take backups of your website by using free plugins that are available for users, in this way the backups will work according to your comfort.

The several plans provided by the hostinger system vary from daily backups to monthly backups. If you own a website that does not have much sensitive content and you have an offline backup, then you can go for a monthly backup[ plan, but if you have a site that deals with very sensitive information then you must go with premium and business plans. The daily backups taken by hostinger India are stored on their servers and can be retrieved as per the user’s convenience.

Benefits of using Hostinger India In 2020

We will now discuss why one should use this Hostinger web hosting service and its benefits in our Hostinger review 2020. as we have discussed all the services provided by hostinger India that give you the best deal as a website owner, now we will discuss how those services affect your experience.

Strong uptime record

Hostinger India has recorded an average uptime of 99.998% in the last 12 months, which is something to boast off. As a user, you always wish your site is always online and no visitor ever returns without surfing the website. The analytics show the uptime increases traffic, thus you will have more traffic if you have better uptime.

Fast server response time

The average server response time of Hostinger’s web hosting is 0.8s to 1s, this, my friend is the best server response that any web hosting service provides. The quick server response time gives your visitor more reason to stay become a potential customer or regular visitor. The quick response depends upon many things from small compressed images to fewer video elements.


One thing you can be assured of as a hostinger India user is that you will get the most affordable price in the market. Hostinger India review 2020 told you about the features provided for users starting from price as low as RS. 59. The features provided in this price range are the best. Though the price bracket is set low, yet you get the best features and services at your disposal.

Impressive technical support

Hostinger India has a 24*7 technical chat support available in their system. The chat support is available in multiple languages that means its users can communicate with chat support in the language they are comfortable with. Any user whether a beginner or an old customer has many queries and doubts when he is dealing with the system, chat support helps them in a very efficient manner.

Free SSL and Bitninja security

Secure sockets layer protocol; establishes a secure and encrypted network connection between the user and the website. This encryption establishes trust in users and that is a very good sign. SSL certificates create an environment for users where they feel protected from online crimes and frauds. Bitninja security provided by Hostinger is easy to install and easy to use full-stack server security.

Easy installation of WordPress

As mentioned earlier in This Post, WordPress web hosting is provided to the user but there is many more web host management system provided by hostinger such as Joomla, Drupal, etc. This feature comes in very handy as users can access both systems simultaneously and use all the features as per their needs.

Secure Web Hosting

Some Cons Of Hostinger’s System

I will also discuss the disadvantages of Hostinger’s system in hostinger India review 2020. No matter how perfectly software is but there are always some bugs or points that it can improve. Hostinger too has some points where it can work upon.

No call support service

If one compares Hostinger from other sites, one thing he can complain of is no availability of call support service. Not all users are always happy with chat support and it is always better to talk on the call than on chat. Also, there is no chat support present before login. You can only talk to chat support once you have a login.

Hostinger can improve this thing and introduce a chat support system for visitors who are planning to make a website online on this platform. The lack of a phone support system also drives many visitors to change their minds and not renew their membership as there are many unanswered questions.

No traditional Cpanel

Cpanel is an online Linux basedgraphical user interface (GUI) used as a control panel to simplify website and server management. CPanel allows you to publish your website, domains, organize web files, create email accounts, and more tools. Most web hosting companies supply cPanel to customers as a part of their hosting package but hostinger doesn’t have a cPanel but provides an hpanel that is still new for users.

Hostinger India Payment Methods

Since hostinger India is paid website hosting services there are always concerns as to how a user will complete its payment. In this Post, we will discuss this.Most of the web hosting system accepts international payment options but hostinger understands your worries and accepts the most common Indian payment methods. Originally their systems only accepted international payment methods but due to high traffic from all over the world and increasing user base in India, it introduced payment from most common Indian payment methods.

The payment methods accepted by hostinger India are as follows:

  • PayPal (international money transfer application)
  • Card payments from reliable sources such as Visa, MasterCard, etc.
  • Money transfer applications like BHIM, Paytm, etc.
  • Internet banking
  • Online cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, litecoin, dogecoin, Etheirum, etc.

FAQ Related To Hostinger India Review 2020

I will answer some commonly asked questions put up by users About Hostinger Plans in India as well as all over the world.

Why chose Hostinger India over all other web hosting systems?

Hostinger has a client base of 29 million users in over 178 countries, this simply shows the trust people have had in hostinger for their website’s hosting. Hostinger stands out from its competition as it provides all the features in the lowest price bracket. Hostinger has also appeared in many magazines such as Forbes, Bloomberg, New York post, Trustpilot.

Why is hostinger so economical?

Generally, cheap pricing is related to bad service but Hostinger’s low pricing is to support equality among internet users, hostinger aims to bring website owners from all economic backgrounds to its system and create an environment where everyone can get the best services. Also, the bigger reason behind Hostinger’s low price is its large user base which enables it to keep benefiting in low pricing.

Hostinger is best for which type of clients?

Hostinger India targets a very specific user base that makes up the largest quota of internet users. Small and medium business owners who plan to make their online presence but don’t have much to invest in website development can use the cheap and best services of hostinger. Bloggers who don’t have many big files can use hostinger for their websites and blogs. But, apart from all, hostinger is best for beginners who have started as new on the internet.

Which Hostinger plan is the best?

Shared plan: if you have just started your online career like any small business or blogs or any other type of website then the shared plan i9s best fore you as its features best suit beginner website with less data and traffic from where you can grow.
VPS plans: if you own a big website with a large data file and a big user base and want large server resources, then this is the best plan for you. VPS hosting also gives you full access to the website’s control.


We have discussed all the aspects of Hostinger India in this Review. The primary motive of hostinger is very inspiring to bring people on the internet by providing low-cost services. For a developing country like India with a big potential base, hostinger comes in very handy. The growing Start-up culture in India can benefit a lot from this web hosting system.

  • Overall rating–4.2/5
  • Performance–4.6/5
  • Pricing– 5/5
  • Customer Support–3.5/5
  • User-friendliness–4/5

Get The Best Speed Hosting

Overall hostinger India is highly recommended for web hosting, making it a panacea of all web-hosting related issues.

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