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Hostinger India Black Friday 2020 Sale { 90% OFF } + Bonus

Avail up to 90% Discount On Favorite Web Hosting Service: Hostinger India Black Friday 2020 Sale.

Deal Yet To Announce

Just like every year, hostinger india has announced its Black Friday sale 2020. And the big news is that it is giving up to 90% off on its hosting plans. Hostinger has many types of hosting and also many types of plans for its diverse client base. We will discuss the pricing before and after the discount. We will also discuss which plan is suitable for you and why.

This year’s Hostinger India Black Friday sale is the biggest as it offers the lowest price for web hosting on the whole internet with no reduction in its facilities. Prices will be as low as $0.80 per month. Any person planning to find the best web hosting service in the market has got his best shot at Hostinger’s sale.

How to avail the Hostinger India Black Friday 2020 discount?

Just like Hostinger’s easy-going website, its discount is also easy to avail. Three simple steps and you access the cheapest and the most efficient web hosting service in the market.

Step 1 Click On This special link that will take you to the pricing list page. The link is easy to find as it is placed on the homepage and is highlighted.

Step 2 Select your desired hosting plan for the list and add it to the cart.

Step 3 Apply the black Friday coupon code and avail up to 90% discount on 48 months or 36 months billing subscription.

Step 4 Checkout from the cart and pay from the suitable payment gateway and you have now stepped up your aim of making a successful site.

Discounts given by Hostinger India on black Friday sale 2020

Shared Hosting

The starting price of shared hosting is reduced to $0.80/Mo after 90% off on its price. Select their 48month and 36-month subscription plans.

WordPress Hosting

This plan’s basic price is 2.15/Mo after 82% off.

Cloud Hosting

This advanced clouding system will cost $7.45/Mo after 74% off on its basic plan. Big organizations looking to go online can benefit from this.

VPS Hosting

Virtual private server hosting will cost you $3.95/Mo after 60% off.

The above price details can differ from the website’s pricing, as other coupons can also be applied.

Why Do You Need Hosting From Hostinger India?

Honestly, many prominent and relevant application systems provide website hosting services, but many valid arguments justify the decision of choosing web hostinger as your website’s hosting service provider. Some benefits of using hostinger India web service are:

Website Speed

The average loading time of websites hosted on hostinger is 0.8sec to 1sec. Hostinger uses compressed images, videos, and gifs which reduce loading time. The large server resources provided by Hostinger is the major reason for this. Analytics have shown that reduced loading time leads to an increase in traffic on the website.

Free security tools

Hostinger guarantees free security to its users and has been trusted by its users for all their security concerns. Hostinger provides a safety socket between the user and the website. The SSL certificate provided by hostinger establishes a secure channel while a visitor is surfing through the website.

Over 99% uptime record

Uptime is the percentage of time that a website is operational on the internet in a day. Hostinger provides impressive uptime with an average of 99.998% in the last 6 months. Uptime makes your site trustworthy and increases your search result ranking.

30-day money-back guarantee

Hostinger gives a 30-day money-back guarantee for users. If you think Hostinger’s services are not as offered then you can register a complaint to the customer service and get your money back. This policy shows the brand’s trust in their product and services.

Regular system backups

Hostinger makes a backup of your data depending upon your plan. It backs up data regularly to weekly, depending upon your website’s size and data files. The backups ensure that you can be recovered anytime if your site faces any data deletion or theft or virus attack.

24/7 live support

This one feature makes hostinger the best in the market. Its 24/7 chat support can solve all your problems. The chat support is operated manually, so it increases the efficiency and user satisfaction. The chat support helps with all the queries and complains you have and gives you detailed and efficient answers.

Host unlimited sites

Hostinger gives you access to its large server where you can host an unlimited number of sites with unlimited no. of email and domain names. The business and premium plan provides these facilities. The icing on the cake is their easy-to-use website builder, which is a free and efficient tool provided by hostinger.

Easy payment methods

Being a global brand, hostinger takes proper care of its payment gateways. It provides users with common payment methods to pay and to include them on their website.

Some more features are,

  • Personalized email accounts
  • Free SSL certificates
  • Litespeed cache
  • MySQL database
  • FTP accounts
  • DNS management
  • WordPress data boost

The above points and many more justify the use of hostinger as your website hosting service provider. Now we will discuss the hosting services provided by hostinger and their original prices.

Hosting plans provided by Hostinger India

Hostinger provides you with tons of hosting options, and you can choose any of them that meet your needs. The hosting options provided by hostinger India are mentioned below:

Shared Web Hosting

Hostinger India Black Friday 2020 Sale

Shared web hosting as the name suggests gives you a shared space where your site lives with other sites, this feature reduces its price. This plan is best suited for beginners and small business owners. This plan has three sub plans, namely; basic shared plan, premium shared plan, business shared plan.

VPS Hosting

hostinger india black friday 2020 deals

Virtual Private Server hosting is best suited for sites having high traffic and large Data flow on their site. In this plan, they provide the user with a bigger server and more server resources, such as SSD storage and unlimited websites. This plan is sub-divided into 2 plans, one is the Linux based, and the other is window-based.

Cloud Hosting

hostinger india black friday 2020 Offers deals

Cloud hosting gives your site cloud storage that means you can never lose your site. This can also be accessible from anywhere and on any device. Hostinger has 3 cloud hosting plans: cloud start-up, cloud professional, and cloud global. This hosting is popular among big companies.

WordPress Hosting

wordpress hosting

Hostinger’s one of the most used plan is WordPress hosting because hostinger web hosting is compatible with the WordPress web management system. Because of the large client base of WordPress, hostinger has a separate plan for WordPress users with special features.

FAQ – Hostinger India Black Friday Deals 2020

Can a non-member benefit from Hostinger India Black Friday 2020 sale?

Yes, anyone whether an old customer or a new member can avail of this offer. The motto of Hostinger is to bring everyone on the internet so it does not discriminate between users. It rewards its trustworthy and loyal customers.

When can we access the Hostinger India Black Friday 2020 Deals/Sale?

The sale will go live in November, depending on the company’s policies. But you can expect it to go live after mid-November.

How much can I save during Hostinger India Black Friday 2020 sale?

You can up to 90% when this sale goes live. This is the biggest discount ever given by hostinger India on its platform.

Do I need to have technical know-how before I start on Hostinger?

No. You need not be a technical expert on websites to host a site on hostinger India. Choose the plan, pay for it and every next will be guided to you by hostinger India web tools.

Can I host an e-commerce website on

A big yes. e-commerce building tools are very easy to access and can help you set an e-commerce website. The process is simple, but the result is efficient, beneficial, and user-friendly.

How can I start a website or a blog on

The right way to start a blog or host a website starts with installing a content management system like WordPress. Their tools will help you create a website effortlessly and tailor your content accordingly. Hostinger will provide you a hosting platform and take care of your website’s working.


From what we have discussed, we can say one thing for sure, the deals are impressive and any user can benefit from them. The overall deal combined with the features provided is amazing. You can go look at the entire market, but you won’t find such affordable pricing in this segment.

Apart from affordability, Hostinger has trust from its users across the world. Hostinger has over 29 million customers worldwide and still counting spread over 178 counties. The services provided by hostinger are made by keeping in mind the latest requirements of the market. If you are serious about your online venture and plan to make it big, then hostinger is the first step towards success.

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