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Verified Bluehost Black Friday Deals 2020 – Exclusive 70% OFF

Are You Looking For Best Bluehost Black Friday Deals 2020?

Bluehost is one of the popularly known web hosting services. The blue host has been recommended by since 2005. They provide different web hosting services like shared hosting, Word press hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated hosting, and reseller hosting. They have 2 million+ users all over the world. Bluehost web hosting company is built on open source.


Basic Plan:

The basic plan provides access to host one website. It offers 50 GB SSD storage.  The basic plan gives access to create 25 subdomains and 5 parked domains. A subdomain is a prefix that is added to the domain name. It is similar to the addon domain and is created to point and organize different sections of the website. The plan even offers a free SSL certificate and a free domain for the first year. Automatic daily malware scans will be taken i.e. daily scans will be performed by site lock. 

You can avail of the basic plan by paying $ 2.95 /mo instead of paying $ 7.99 /mo.

Plus Plan:

Plus plan allows the user to create unlimited websites. The plan comes with unlimited SSD storage, unmetered bandwidth, unlimited domains, unlimited sub-domains, unlimited parked domains. The free domain will be provided for the first year. Automatic Daily malware scans will be done. To prevent spam mails Bluehost implemented spam experts.

Spam Experts is an advanced email filter that scans your incoming emails for viruses, phishing, spam, and other forms of email attack before the emails enter your inbox. It is designed to protect the user from new spamming techniques and threats. This plan even includes Microsoft 365 Business plus license. This license will be renewed monthly if the plus plan is renewed every month. You can cancel the renewal online or by phone.

Plus plan costs $ 5.45 /mo instead of paying $ 14.99 /mo.

Choice Plus Plan:

A choice plus plan is the most popular and widely recommended plan. Choice plus also offers access to host Unlimited website, with Unlimited SSD storage and Unmetered bandwidth. The standard performance will be provided in this plan. Choice plus allows the user to create unlimited domains, unlimited parked domains, and unlimited subdomains.

The free domain will be provided for the first year along with a Free SSL certificate. Automatic daily Malware scans and spam experts will be included in this plan. It even provides Microsoft 365 Business plus license.  Choice Plus plan offers domain privacy and Site backup by CodeGaurd Basic. 

You can avail of this offer by paying $ 5.45 /mo instead of paying $ 14.99 /mo.

Pro Plan:

Pro Plan is suited for high revenue-generating businesses. It allows you to host unlimited websites with unmetered bandwidth. To provide a faster experience, this plan provides unlimited SSD storage. High performance will be offered i.e. the pro server allows up to 300,000 and is deployed with fewer users in each server than the standard shared server. And allows greater computing resources available for the user.

Pro plan also allows you to create

  • unlimited domains 
  • unlimited park domains
  • unlimited subdomains

Pro plan provides you with a free domain for one year and 2 spam experts. It gives free access to the Microsoft office 365 package for 30 days. Additional features like Domain Privacy, Site backup, dedicated IP will be provided along with the Pro Plan.

Pro Plan costs $13.95 /mo. Normally you have to pay $ 23. 99 /mo.

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Domain Management

The domain manager in Bluehost provides an easy-to-use platform to track, transfer, update, purchase, and administers all your domains in one place. This is available for all the plans. Plus and Pro plan supports unlimited add-ons and even domestic and international domains. 

Resource Protection

The Bluehost technology recognizes the websites consuming excessive resources and temporarily assigns these websites to an isolated system. This defends the performance of your website and reduces the risk involved with shared servers.

SSL Certificates

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificates are digital certificates that provide authentication for a website and enables an encrypted connection. SSL encryption helps to prevent hackers from stealing data. They help in keeping login credentials, commerce transactions, and other data safeguarded.  Free SSL certificates are included with all the plans.

Multi-Server Management

You don’t need to create a new account to add another shared, VPS, or other services, just login once and you can manage all your web hosting services in one place. 

Access Control

Bluehost allows you to restrict access to different areas of your account. You can create unique passwords to restrict access. You can restrict areas like Cpanel, dedicated server access, and billing and ownership details and there is a different master password for the entire account.

Content Delivery Network

Cloudflare is an inbuilt feature in your account. Advanced CDN increases the performance of your website. You can enable or disable this feature for any of your websites without changing any code. 

Advanced Capabilities

Bluehost allows the user to access advanced capabilities like SSH access, log file access, and web based managers for files, emails, and databases. The user can also customize their cron jobs, php.ini files, and ht access files. 

Domain Privacy+ Protection

Bluehost offers a service called domain privacy protection to hide your contact information. The user’s details like phone number, email address, and even home address are stored in the WHOIS database. The domain protection replaces the user’s contact details with the blue host generic contact information. The user will be the owner of the domain name but with their details hidden. This service even blocks malware and SEO blacklists.

Customer Support

The customer support of Bluehost provides articles, guides, instructions, and answers to the customer’s frequently asked questions. This content is about all the features and options implemented in Bluehost. If the answer to your question is not found or if you have an unsolved issue then you can contact their customer support via chat or phone call. You can also email your issue.  

WordPress Hosting

Bluehost allows fast, easy, and secure WordPress hosting within minutes. WordPress will be automatically installed and provides auto-updates when the plan is billed. There are hundreds of WordPress themes to create a beautiful website. WordPress makes building websites easy and a website can be built and launched in no time. With Microsoft 365, you can access your email from anywhere.

Bluehost Black Friday Deals 2020

The free domain name will be provided for the first year. The user receives innovative plug-ins, themes, and any third-party integrations. All plans in word press hosting include a staging environment. This is a platform that lets you design and tests your code. You can preview all the changes and the updates that are made before implementing them to your website. There are no traffic limits. They allow unlimited traffic with no overage charges.

A single dashboard is provided by Bluehost to control and review your SEO tools, social media, and traffic sources. It includes content improvement suggestions, keyword selection, and it allows auto-sharing your content to Facebook and Twitter.  All the plans provide high performance.  Unmetered MySQL databases can be accessed with a maximum of 5 GB database size and 10 GB database usage. Global CDN is enabled for all the plans. 

WordPress hosting plans include 100 WordPress themes, multilayer caching, Akismet Spam protection, Git repository, and Codeguard basic backups.

Bluehost Black Friday Delas Plans for WordPress Pro Hosting

Build Plan

The build plan consists of all the basic features required for hosting a professional WordPress website.  This plan offers jet pack site analytics that lets the user analyze how their website is performing. The user needs to install the Jetpack plugin then it is easy for them to access it from the dashboard. The build plan provides a marketing center that allows you to view all the stats like traffic, blog traffic, and social media without leaving the dashboard.

It also offers daily scheduled backups, malware detection and removal, and domain privacy + protection. Microsoft 365 package access will be given to the user for the first 30 days.

You can avail of this plan by paying only $19 /mo where normally people had to pay $29.99 saving $10.04 every month.

Grow Plan

The grow plan includes the Jetpack premium. The business review tools in this plan let the visitors leave reviews for your business directly on your website. It gives access to use the built-in SEO tools and provides website optimization tips and tricks in real-time with statistics. This plan comes with 10 GB video compression and blue sky ticket support. All features from the Build plan are included.

The Grow plan costs $29.95 /mo instead of $ 39.99/mo letting you save $10.4

Scale Plan

The scale plan includes Jetpack Pro.  This plan comes with unlimited backups and restores PayPal integration, and unlimited video compression. Elastic search is provided which boosts your website search. Your visitors will be able to find what they’re looking for faster with the help of advanced filtering. This plan offers Blue sky chat and ticket support at no additional cost. The experts of Bluehost provide hands-on assistance with design, functionality. All features from the growth plan will be included.   

This offer can be availed by paying $ 49.95 /mo instead of paying $ 59.99 saving $10.4 every month.

Additional Features

The user can enable advanced control of ports and further to protect your account by securing the IP address that has been assigned to only your websites.

Codegaurd: It is a service that provides a backup solution. It takes automatic daily backups. It monitors your website for changes every day. With just one click you can go back to the previous version of your website. Redundant copies of the backups are taken and stored in many server locations.

Marketing Credits:  When you spend $ 25 on a new Microsoft advertising and Google advertising account, you will receive $ 100. 200$ marketing credit will be available for all the plans in word press hosting.

FTP Access: Bluehost uses FTP protocol which is used for transferring files between the clients and the server.

You can customize your Error Pages. When the visitors have a problem accessing the user’s website then an error message will be shown. The user can customize these error pages using the Cpanel available in the Bluehost account.  

Bluehost provides poll and survey software. When you need to collect data and relevant information then using polls and survey is the best way to collect information from the people. An online poll has been said to decrease the response time by 50%. Once the responses are collected, the data is automatically processed and analyzed. 

Bluehost allows the user to create e-commerce websites with any plan. You can install shopping cart software then provide the necessary product details and pricing then you can launch your e-commerce website. You can also hire a developer or a company to manage the shopping cart software for you.

Hotlink Protection: Bluehost provides hotlink protection. It prevents your images and files from being hot-linked by pulling the source image from the original server.

Bluehost offers World-class technology like

  • Dual quad processor performance server- It lets the server to perform actions at the same time and these processors allocate the entire cores to the individual operating system.
  • Ups power Backup
  • Diesel generator backup power
  • Linux operating system
  • Courtesy site backups
  • Multiple 10 Gigabit Ethernet connection
  • Customized Apache webserver

FAQ – Bluehost Black Friday Sale 2020

Is NGINX+ cache available?

Yes, the NGINX+ cache is available with all the plans.

Does Bluehost support JavaScript and DHTML?

Yes, Bluehost offers DHTML and JavaScript support.

Can beginners use Word Press?

Absolutely Yes, WordPress provides all the tools to build and grow a professional WordPress website

What is in the 1-hour concierge call?

A trained WordPress expert will work with you helping in navigating both WordPress and Bluehost control panel. If you are a beginner then they will even teach you in creating and editing websites. These experts will help you in choosing the right plugins and themes.

Can the user host multiple web sites using WordPress hosting?

Yes, WP pro allows the user to host multiple web sites. The purchased analytics and tools will be available only for the primary web site. The license can be applied to other websites.

Conclusion – Bluehost Black Friday Deals

Bluehost provides great Black Friday deals for hosting. Bluehost has topped for both high uptime and loading time. Besides, they offer strong security support. Bluehost is recommended as they provide better performance and good value.

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