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9 Best WordPress Hosting In India for Better and Faster Speed

Are You Searching For Best WordPress Hosting In India ?

Hosting is one of the most important aspects when it comes to efficiently running your website. Without a good host, your website will be slow with high downtime and less security. WordPress hosting is better optimized to meet WordPress’ performance together with security needs. It usually includes one press WordPress install which helps to typically get started with WordPress. Most WordPress hosting enables users to begin building the site right away.

While WordPress hosting is not a requirement if you intend to run WordPress, the only technical requirements for running WordPress include MySQL 5.0.15 or higher and PHP 5.2.4 or higher. But just because you can run WordPress on any host doesn’t mean you ideally should. A WordPress host will get the most out of your website and enhance the level of performance.

There are two common types of WordPress hosting you will find:

Shared WordPress Hosting

It is the cheapest form of WordPress hosting that you will be able to find. In this type, you will be sharing servers with other websites. This is what makes it cheap. Some features that you may find in shared WordPress hosting would be one-click WordPress installer, automatic updates, themes and plugins and also a knowledgeable customer service team.

Managed WordPress Hosting

It enjoys the highest levels of WordPress hosting available for WordPress sites. Managing sites here is much easier as there is always a team of knowledgeable support That help you at every step. Advantages of Managed WordPress hosting include extremely high speeds, high level of security, up to date server, dedicated support team, and high level of uptime.

While deciding between the two options, if the WordPress sites have less traffic, they should go for the first type while on the contrary if the site has high traffic, the second option must be preferred.

In a nutshell, the Managed WordPress hosting will help you with enhanced performance and would also take much less time to manage the website. But if budget is a criterion, then Shared WordPress hosting must be preferred.

While WordPress has remained Us-centric, it is a global phenomenon. Here we will try to explore and analyze the best WordPress hosting In India offers in the market.

Best WordPress Hosting In India

Host NameLocal ServerFeaturesPrice
bluehost india wordpress review


  • Budget Friendly
  • Local Support
bigrock india


  • Budget Friendly
  • Local Support
godaddy india


  • Limited BandWidth
  • Good Support
a2hosting wp hosting


  • One Click Install
  • Free SSL
hostinger india


  • Faster Speed
  • One Click Install
greengeeks wordpress host


  • Fast Speed
  • Pre Installed WordPress
reseller club host


  • Server From Hostgator & BlueHost
  • WordPress Pre Installed
hostgator india


  • 99.99% UpTime
  • 45 Days Money Back
siteground best wordpress host


  • WordPress Recommended
  • Best For Newbies

BlueHost India: Best WordPress Hosting In India

blue host best wordpress hosting in india

Bluehost India, the branch of Bluehost comes in the top three recommended hosts by the WordPress itself. It is one of the largest domains which has powered millions of websites. In recent years, Bluehost has significantly transformed its service and made it easier for everyone. It has been offering a variety of plans to serve businesses of various domains. The plans which Bluehost offers come with preinstalled WordPress, automated updates, and with a free SSL certificate. The MOJO Marketplace and Jetpack plugins are installed automatically on all the sites of Bluehost India.

  • Traffic or Bandwidth allowed is unmetered.
  • Local Web Server available
  • Local Customer support available.
  • Price starts from Rs. 199 per month.

BigRock India: Affordable Best WordPress Hosting In India

bigrock india

Unlike other domains, Bigrock was first launched in India and has in years expanded the services all around the globe. It offers a large variety of hosting plans including four optimized plans of WordPress.
All the plans provided by Bigrock comes with preinstalled WordPress, unlimited email accounts, and simple SSL certificate generation. The customer service help is always available (24×7) through phone, chat, and email. It offers shared hosting for both Windows and Linux.
Bigrock comes with two websites, .com and .in. While .com is for international clients and has price offered in dollars, .in is for the Indian clients.

  • It is priced from Rs.199 per month.
  • Bandwidth is unmetered.
  • Local Web Server is available.
  • Unlimited accounts.

GoDaddy India

go daddy india

GoDaddy is an American publicly traded internet registrar company. It is one of the largest domain name registrars and provides its clients with tons of storage. Its user interface being easy and intuitive, it is highly recommended for the newcomers. In terms of both uptime and speed, GoDaddy gives a solid performance.
The plans provided by GoDaddy come with preinstalled WordPress, automated backup, and malware scans. It gives storage of 10GB, a CDN booster, and a free domain for a year. It offers 24×7 customer support service. Although currently, they do not have servers solely dedicated to Indian clients.

  • Priced at Rs. 99 per month for a year and then Rs. 499 per month upon renewal.
  • Traffic allowed is although limited to 25000 visitors per month.
  • One account is free for the first year.
  • Local web servers and Local customer support aren’t available right now.

A2 Hosting

a2 hosting

A2 hosting is high powered and easy to use web hosting. Their turbo servers help load the page 20 times faster. The domain provides high-quality WordPress hosting with several benefits which include a free SSL certificate, one-click e-commerce integration, turbo servers. A2 hosting has constantly delivered high-class speed and their customer service is easy going.
Although the customer service is 24×7, A2 Hosting does not have a customer support base in India. The nearest servers for A2 hosting are in Singapore.

  • The plans are priced from Rs. 208 per month.
  • Traffic allowed in unmetered.
  • The e-mail accounts available are up to 25.
  • WordPress is pre-installed.

Hostinger India: Best WordPress Hosting In India

hostinger india

Established in 2004, Hostinger is an employee-owned company that provides web hosting and is an internet domain registrar. It has accumulated more than 29 million users and has its subsidiaries in 178 countries. It uses cloud web hosting technology. For the businesses that solely intend to connect with the Indian audience, Hostinger is the best discount solution.
When the pros are concerned, Hostinger is fast and has exceptional benefits that increase speed. Although the only thing that can be put forward as a drawback is that there is no facility for regular backup. All Hostinger accounts come with pre-installed WordPress and at least one email address. It has an easy to use control panel. But with all the pros, one cannot simply conclude that Hostinger is the best option to rely upon. There aren’t any servers present in India.

  • Priced at Rs. 59 per month.
  • Traffic allowed: 100GB
  • Only one email address at the start. Need an upgrade for more.
  • No local web server and customer support.



GreenGeeks was founded in 2008 and since has burgeoned up to host more than 300,000 websites all around the world. The company has server locations mainly in Canada, the Americas and the Netherlands. There are numerous advantages of going with the GreenGeeks.

  • They have an average uptime of 99.98%
  • Exceptional page loading speed.
  • Good customer support.
  • Environment friendly: As the name itself suggests, GreenGeeks purchase three times the wind energy credits to make up for the energy used by them to power your websites. It is also a recognized Green Power Partner.
  • It is priced at $3.95 per month.
  • Optimized and enhanced control panel.
  • 24×7 customer care.
  • No hidden fees.
  • Pre Installed WordPress benefits.
  • Nightly backup facility.

GreenGeeks WordPress Hosting

Reseller Club

reseller club

Resellerclub is a web hosting provider based in India. It is known for the reseller program and has successfully attracted more than 200,000 entrepreneurs. Although apart from the hosting services, it offers many more services to its clients. With more than 5 million internet domains and customers in more than 150 countries, the host has forged one of the most formidable portfolios. Its customers can choose from a variety of plans corresponding to both Linux and Windows together with a trio of plans from its sister company.

  • Unmetered storage, unmetered bandwidth, and unlimited email accounts.
  • Support for PHP, Perl, Python, Ruby, and Ruby on rails.
  • Free website migration through the control panel.
  • Free varnish caching to boost speed.
  • Server options from HostGator and Bluehost.
  • WordPress is preinstalled.

HostGator India

hostgator india

The company was founded in 2002 and quickly grew to become one of the greatest hosting companies in the world. The rapid growth of the company can be credited to its great shared plans, reliable hosting and exceptional customer service. Headquartered in Houston, the company has more than 8 million domains and more than 850 employees that always check in for their clients.

  • Uptime of 99.99%
  • Money-back guarantee in 45 days.
  • Flexible billing intervals with both monthly and yearly plans available.
  • Availability of free migration service with all accounts.
  • Single-click installation of WordPress.
  • Unmetered disk space.
  • Unmetered bandwidth.

SiteGround: All-Time Best WordPress Hosting

siteground india

Started in 2004 in Bulgaria, the company has impressed the clients with 99.99% uptime, above-average speeds, and some additional extra features that are very well suited for both beginners and power users. The company has more than 2,000,000 domains worldwide with over 500 employees setting up a team of exceptional customer service.

Talking about WordPress hosting, the company is officially recommended by WordPress. The company offers three different plans according to the requirement. The plans include StartUp Plan, GrowBig Plan, Gogeek Plan.

  • Unmetered bandwidth.
  • 10GB storage.
  • Free email accounts.
  • 24×7 customer support.
  • No local servers.

SiteGround Hosting

What Should One Consider For Best WordPress Hosting In India

It is very important for the person who is seeking any internet domain host to consider a variety of options before finally choosing one. Down below is a list of checkpoints which could help you get the best domain host:

Local Servers

Servers play a pivotal role when it comes to hosting. In the intranet circle, employees always work on their computer system without any storage backup. All that is needed about their storage need is managed by a control point server within or outside their working space. This helps them to access data and files without any essentiality of local storage files.

Thus, one of the best ways to look out for the credibility of the host and fast load times for an audience in a specific country is to make sure that the host has servers in the country you intend to reach. This effectively concludes to the fact that if the target audience is located in India, your WordPress website host must have servers located in India.

On the contrary, if the target audience is spread entirely across the globe, you may improve the global loading speed with a CDN since it is impossible for all the existing hosts to have servers in all the locations.

Local Customer Support

It is important to understand that more than 50% of people are ready to move to alternate options due to bad customer services. While most of the businesses have even stopped their operations due to unprofessional customer services, many customers are even willing to pay more to get professional help on time.

Most of the web hosts promise to provide 24×7 customer service and support but you should not simply rely on words. Before choosing the host, you can take a trial by first opting for a small package and testing the customer service being provided by the host.

Having said that, one of the biggest reasons to choose a WordPress host locally is the promise of local customer support and also the customer support employees working in the same time zone. That ensures that you would be able to receive help during your primary business hours. Many hosts also tend to offer customer support in various other languages which could be useful if English is the second language.

Using Local Currency For Transction

With all the complexities that are involved while dealing with multiple currencies, it is always easy and convenient to pay for the services in the local currency. Apart from the convenience, it is also easy for you to deal with the taxes rather than being circled by multilayered duties. It is thus always recommended to look for WordPress hosts that would allow you to purchase domains, hosting plans and other services in rupees.

Since the local hosts would share the economical environments and customs simultaneously with you, you will be always sure that they are following the local regulations.

Reviews From Regional Business Owners

An American web host would naturally offer great support to their American clients. On the contrary, it will not be practical to assume that the host will provide the same type of support and services to its Indian clients. Choosing a local host would enable a faster load time for regional visitors. The customer service as mentioned will be great and it will be coupled with better security.

Apart from the security and customer support reasons, relying on a local WordPress host would significantly help improve the Google search rankings. According to Google itself, they use the web server’s IP address as a clue to understanding your content.

To ensure the service is provided, the reviews of the local business owners can tell you what service and support are like in your area. It is thus highly recommended to actively seek them out while doing the research. In a nutshell, the best WordPress hosts provide a seamless experience for both the business owner and their visitors.


Bandwidth in hosting is the amount of data which can be transferred to users in a given amount of time. It is usually calculated and sold in gigabytes (GB). Some companies offer unlimited bandwidth to their clients. It is important for the business to first assess their needs for the required bandwidth.

Usually, the owner must choose a bandwidth which could accommodate a growing audience. There are various factors that must be considered while deciding the bandwidth required. It must take into account the layout factors, traffic growth, and room to grow. For the new websites, 10,000 to 25,000 visitors allowed per month comes out to be usually more than enough.

The unmetered bandwidth provision allows significant growth but has strict rules around traffic spikes. It is always recommended to fully read all the terms and conditions around traffic and bandwidth. To get a rough estimate of the maximum traffic levels, you may contact the local customer service representative.

Free Domain Name

It is always paramount for the owners to critically look out for the domain name. The audience easily reaches out the websites that are easily marketed and for marketing to be of high class, domain names play a crucial role. Its importance is that the target audience will quite easily be able to look out for the businesses they have been searching for.

Many WordPress web hosts provide a free domain name for the first year of hosting. That reduces the step cost but in most cases, you will have to renew your domain separately from your hosting plan after the initial period. Business owners must thus carefully lookout for all the options of domain names that are available.

Number Of Websites That Are Allowed

While most of the WordPress hosts would only allow their clients to create one website, some hosts let you forge multiple websites. This particular feature can be useful for people who intend to build multiple websites corresponding to their businesses. It can also help individuals to create different sites for different branches of the business.

Pre-Installed WordPress

It is always recommended to look out for the website hosts that have a pre-installed WordPress.

There are numerous advantages of WordPress hosting.

  • Faster sites and better performances.
  • Easy to add SSL certificates.
  • Staging sites by just one click.
  • Attributes that go beyond the server setups.
  • Ability to resell hosting.

Thus, having WordPress pre-installed on the website would enable you to customize much easily.

Frequently Asked Questions On Best WordPress Hosting In India

  1. What Is WordPress Hosting ?

    WordPress hosting is any form of hosting that is specifically optimized to work with websites that are built via WordPress. The websites that are designed by WordPress have distinct characteristics that may sometimes lead to functionality issues if not properly optimized.
    The load time may increase, some attributes of the site may not load properly or sometimes even the site may become unreachable.
    The WordPress hosting may be of two types namely Shared WordPress Web hosting and Managed WordPress Web hosting. While the shared WordPress hosting would have shared servers for the clients, it is a much cheaper way to build a website.
    On the other hand, Managed WordPress hosting is a much better and efficient way to build a website with a variety of additional features and constant support of a knowledgeable team at every step.

  2. Why Select WordPress Hosting ?

    It is always better to go with WordPress hosting. One of the most important reasons to go with WordPress hosting is that there is always a team of knowledgeable customer service team to support the clients at each and every stage. Also by relying on WordPress, the clients get top-notch security benefits.
    One other advantage of WordPress is the high uptime and extremely high website loading speeds. While it is always easy to get SSL certificates by going with WordPress, they also provide features that go beyond server setups.

  3. Why Do I Need Managed WordPress Hosting

    Managed WordPress hosting is the service in which all the technical aspects are managed by the host. In comparison to Shared WordPress hosting, Managed WordPress hosting provides faster speeds and better plain hardware specifications. Caching could be done to enhance the speed loading of the websites.
    While it otherwise requires plugins to handle, with Managed WordPress hosting caching is easily possible without any efforts from your side. Regular virus and malware scans are the additional benefits of the Managed WordPress hosting making your website much more secure.

  4. How WordPress Hosting Is Different From Regular Web Hosting ?

    Regular hosting in most cases is the type of hosting in which the servers are shared by multiple sites. WordPress hosting provides many specialized features when compared to regular hosting.
    WordPress hosting takes into account the unique features and design of the hosting environment according to varying levels of service and practice.

  5. Which Is Best WordPress Hosting In India For Affiliate Marketing ?

    Having considered all the options, we can effectively conclude that BlueHost and HostGator are the best options for the firms or businesses whose customer or audience base is primely located in India itself.
    The local servers and quality customer service which these hosts provide ensure fast loading speeds and concrete communication services if in case you end up in trouble.
    On the contrary, A2 Hosting could be the best bet if in case you are looking for high quality balanced web hosting with an excellent email hosting service to boot. If you are most concerned with the budget, Hostinger is your best choice. Although its main drawback being no local servers to rely on.

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