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Ahrefs Webmaster Tools 2020: Is It Better Than GSC?

Do You Know ? Famous Seo Tool ( Ahrefs ) Recently Launched Ahrefs Webmaster Tools ?

Huge Internet organizations are settling on imperfect choices to push market valuation. It has been seen; there is a consistently increasing number of ads in list items and insufficient consideration for the individuals who are making content. Here, Ahrefs Webmaster tools play an essential role.

Ahref Webmaster tools made it easy for the real content creator website to rank on search engines. 

To understand everything correctly, let’s start with the beginning. In this article, we will give you complete details about the webmaster tools and will provide you with genuine reasons why Ahrefs Webmaster tools are the best to use for your website.

What Is Webmaster Tools?

Webmaster Tools is assistance that encourages you to assess and keep up your site’s presence in rank lists. It provides support to individuals who possess a site, Webmaster Tools a conductor of data from the most significant web index on the planet to you, offering experiences into how it sees your site and helping you reveal issues that need fixing.

Why Do You Need Webmaster Tools?

In the beginning, it’s free, and it gives an alternate kind of data that Google Analytics. When it’s set up is done, it begins to assemble data on your site, which is by and large, however not generally more specialized to what exactly Google Analytics accumulates.

You would have information like some inquiry terms, any technical issues with your site, the number of pages have crept, where your site positions for specific catchphrases and substantially more. Regardless of whether you’re not prepared, or don’t have the ability to take a gander at this currently, get the information accumulated.

There are other reasons too like:

  • You may Verify Your Business.
  • You may know the category of your website, according to google.
  • You can know your rank on the search engine index.
  • You may find out issues with your Site.
  • You can have Google Authorship.
  • You can acquire more insights into Adwords Campaigns.

Ahrefs Webmaster tools

ahrefs webmaster tools

With the help of Ahrefs Webmaster tools, you can improve your site’s SEO execution and get more traffic from search. Also, this is free for site proprietors. Ahrefs means to remain free and spotlight on helping individuals to make valuable substance and to make it more open with an extreme objective to create a web index imparting benefit to content makers.

The tools they give will assist you with improving your site, with discovering a theme to expound on or to follow your site’s presentation. Ahrefs will direct you in transit with learning materials via their blogs and Youtube videos. At the same time, all learning materials and a portion of the devices are free.

Why pursue Ahrefs Webmaster Tools?

To control your SEO health

  • Scan your site for so many regular SEO issues that may be harming its execution in web crawlers.
  • Get exhortation on fixing those issues and watch out for your site’s SEO wellbeing after some time.

To acquire your backlinks info

  • Browse your site’s backlink information, gathered by the third-party search engine.
  • Get extraordinary experiences from your outbound and inbound network profiles with an assortment of easy to understand reports and channels.

To know Keywords that attract traffic

  • Learn what catchphrases your site ranks for and think about how you can beat facing rivals in the SERPs.
  • Get a superior comprehension of your site’s SEO potential with the assistance of significant SEO measurements like Keyword Difficulty, Search Volume, and Traffic Value.

How AWT assists you to see how the search engine sees your site?

  • It reveals to you the most famous inquiries making your site show up in indexed lists.
  • It reveals which questions are driving the most traffic.
  • You will be able to see which sites are connecting to yours.
  • You may assess how well your versatile site is performing for individuals looking on cellphones and tablets.

How AWT assist you monitoring your site?

  • AWT makes it conceivable to submit new pages and presents for Google on creep and eliminate content that you want to hide from search engines.
  • It checks that Google can get to the substance on your site.
  • It causes you to convey and assess content that offers clients a more visual encounter.
  • You can keep up your site without disturbing its quality in query items.
  • It permits you to find and take out malware or spam issues that may not be handily found through different methods.

Why is Ahref Webmaster tools accessible for free?

Not all sites are made to earn cash. In any case, quality data has the right to be found. And this is the reason Ahrefs Webmaster tools are willing to help site proprietors who can’t legitimize putting resources into an expert SEO instrument.

What is special and unique with Ahrefs Webmaster tools?

For over ten years, they have been slithering the whole web and creating proficient SEO tools to assist individuals with improving their sites. They have earned the trust of many driving computerized advertisers like Shopify, Netflix, Facebook, e-bay, Uber, etc., and they are willing to acquire others.

How is Ahrefs Webmaster tools better than Google Search Console?

Google Search Console is an absolute necessity for any site owner who thinks about their position in the indexed lists. However, its usefulness is deficient in certain regions. That is the place Ahrefs Webmaster Tools proves to be useful.

  • AWT is better than GSC in each field like SEO issues checking.
  • AWT offers better and detailed guidance on the best way to fix each issue.
  • AWT is better at Backlinks, Search traffic and Keywords, and so on.

Most Important Tools of Ahrefs Webmaster

1. Site Explorer

It is that competitive exploration tool you’ve always been searching for, Ahrefs’ Site Explorer consolidates three incredible SEO tool in a single interface:

Research Organic Traffic

  • You can see what keywords your rivals rank for and how much traffic it brings them.
  • You can enter their sites in Site Explorer and peruse the organic search segment of the reports.
  • Ahrefs controls almost 150 million keywords in the only US.

Research Backlinks

  • You can easily analyze the backlink profile of a specific site in a few steps.
  • Put the URL into Site Explorer and explore to the Backlink profile segment.
  • Ahrefs has the quickest backlink crawler in the business and flaunts the world’s most excellent file of life, which makes it the best tool for backlink research.

Research Paid Keywords

  • You will be able to know whether your rivals are purchasing PPC promotions and what catchphrases they’re offering on.
  • Explore the Paid Search segment of the reports to get all the succulent details.

2. Keyword Explorer

Discover thousands of Keywords thoughts with search volume numbers

You can find a huge number of incredible keywords thoughts, examine their positioning difficulty, and you can compute their traffic potential. You can enter up to 10k keywords altogether, and you can see the no. of times these keywords have been searched.

Clickstream information permits you to refine your search volume numbers each month, guaranteeing that the measurement is consistently precise and updated.

Discover Keywords thoughts for the different search index

Google isn’t the only internet searcher around; it’s just the biggest. With clickstream information, we can appraise the ubiquity of search questions in different other web indexes.

Regardless of whether you’re advertising on those other web indexes, you presently have a wellspring of dependable keywords information you can trust.

Effectively discover and prioritize the best Keywords.

You can filter the keywords by Keywords difficulty, search volume, the presence of SERP highlights in the query items. You can join all the filters and channels to refine the outcomes additionally.

Check score for Keywords difficulty

Keywords Explorer encourages you to decide how hard it is rank among the best-indexed lists for a given the word. It does this by figuring a Keyword Difficulty score from 1 to 100, with 100 being the hardest.

The Keyword Difficulty score depends on a weighted normal of the quantity of alluding spaces to the main list items.

Audit the live SERP and positioning the history of highest level outcomes

The SERP review feedback in Keywords Explorer lets you see the highest-level outcomes, alongside all their SEO measurements, initially. You can rapidly survey the SERP and comprehend why these pages rank and where they do.

The SERP position history feedback shows you the positioning history of the pages that as of now, involve the main situations in the indexed lists. You can utilize this to distinguish SERP instability.

A solitary page can rank for a large number of related inquiry questions and pulls in search traffic from every one of them. With the SERP Overview feedback, you can perceive how much pursuit traffic a highest-level page is getting.

Use records to spare your keyword thoughts for some other time

Spare and portion keywords into records for future reference. Return to them whenever with only a single tick.

3. Rank Tracker

Get positioning updates for cellphones and desktop

Rank Tracker lets you screen your Google rankings on the work area and portable across 170 nations. It screens your rankings and outlines your presentation against your rivals. Get planned reports, directly to your inbox.

It is a process of few simple steps, import a rundown of keywords, include various nations per keyword, and reveal to us your rivals’ URLs. Ahrefs will begin the following information and will send you standard updates.

Sort your watchword list with channels and labels

Divide your information precisely how you need it, and Ahrefs’ Rank Tracker will envision it for you. Focus on your information with numerous helpful channels or get a significant level perspective on positioning advancement by gathering your keywords by labels. Rank Tracker naturally integrates your information to show execution by tag.

Use ‘Share of Voice’ feature

Discover which sites and pages are battling for search traffic from your rundown of followed catchphrases. Rank Tracker utilizes information from the main indexed lists for every one of your followed keywords to show the ‘share of voice’ overall pages and sites that were found.

Get updated feedback via emails

Keep yourself updated with all your positioning developments, directly in your inbox. Rank Tracker sends you ordinary email feedbacks enumerating the most eminent changes in your catchphrase rankings, alongside an example of picked up and lost SERP highlights and execution information dependent on your labels.


1. Is there a cutoff on what number of pages I can check?

The answer is Yes, there is a limit. You can crawl 5k pages for every month. You get credits for this, which are possibly spent when you creep an HTML page with status code 200, so different URLs like broken URLs, diverts or any non-HTML assets aren’t checked.

2. What number of sites would I be able to use AWT for?

You are able to utilize AWT for an unlimited number of genuine sites.

3. Would I be able to see all my site’s backlinks with AWT?

Indeed, and you can even fare up to 1k lines for every report and 10k columns for each month. In Addition to that, our immense number of arranging and separating alternatives, and you ought to have the option to manage the most significant backlink information handily.

4. Am I allowed to update my AWT record to a premium Ahrefs membership later?

A big YES. From your AWT account, you can pursue a premium Ahrefs bundle, and for the details, you can visit the Pricing and plan page at their websites.

5. Would I be able to see all my site’s catchphrases with AWT?

Indeed, we give you all keywords in our file. You can send out 1k lines for every report and 10k lines for each month.

6. What are the benefits of a premium package of Ahrefs?

The information and tools available are the same. Nonetheless, without premium membership will have higher information stipends and admittance to the entirety of our exceptional devices. Furthermore, Ahrefs’ membership plans permit you to investigate rival’s sites.

7. Would I get all features as a paying client of Ahrefs?

The highlights in AWT are available for all Ahrefs’ membership packages. For genuine sites, you’ll get an extra 5,000 slither credits for every month in Site review, and a few constraints raised in Site Explorer.

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