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Ahrefs Vs SemRush 2020: Which Seo Tool Is Best?

Today we are going to begin and put forward about Ahrefs Vs SemRush 2020 to the test.

So when we think about doing a deep comparison between these two popular SEO tools the first thing that comes in mine is weather how much potential these two SEO tools consist.

Ahrefs vs semrush: which is best in 2020

At the present time where SEO that is search engine optimization has achieved great importance whether in the life of various individuals are companies, this has become one of the major aspects of competing with one another through their websites. So all of them need to be on the top list of search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, Baidu, and AOL.

The website owners who own a certain website look forward to attending some SEO tools that will help them optimize the website on the search engines successfully.

And one of the leading developers of the optimization SEO tools is Ahrefs and SemRush.

So in today’s post, we are going to compare Ahrefs vs SemRush in terms of their:

Compare Ahrefs Vs SemRush 2020

  • Unique features and benefits
  • Pricing and their values
  • Thorough analysis over a backlink
  • Keyboard research
  • Technical SEO tools
  • And many more

So let’s begin with the ride!

Introducing The Two Major Competitors: Afrefs Vs SemRush

ahrefs vs semrush 2020

Ahrefs is one of the major SEO tool backlink analysis tools that have added turn off features. So before we begin with the comparison Ahrefs have ample of features but a few years ago it was 100% focused on the links and now it has become a direct competitor to SEMRush once it added with ample of features that include:

  • Authentic keyword research features
  • Analytical details of keyword competitors
  • Technical SEO tools that are a site audit feature
  • Tracking the rank ranking of the pages

Whereas SEMRush is one of the killer apps that lead you a way through which you can spy on your competitor’s rankings which is amazing. Here, you get the benefit of putting your competitors to link in the SEMRush and then get a complete list of keywords that the used for getting there page ranking so less work for you!

Almost both have the same features but according to these features will be able to compare them later on.

So, the main thing about SemRush is that it begins a keyword research tool where it focuses mainly on achieving keywords that a competitor website uses. Even SEMRush recently got a cube with the updated version of the feature and now it has become one of the most powerful tools in the SEO market.

Indeed at present, you can use SemRush to:

  • Get your content optimized for SEO
  • For your sites, top traffic sources get a reverse engineer
  • Startup with analyzing PPC campaigns of your competitor’s website
  • Analyzing log files
  • And many more

We can termite like this that SEMRush has got into a link analysis game whereas it had a link indexed for several years.

Both Ahrefs and SEMRush have a tide analysis where the total links of Ahrefs are around 172k along with 15.1k are referring domains.

Whereas, SEMRush consists of 612k total links and 15.6k total referral links.

The results are astonishing! I know, but before a few weeks ago SEMRush was announced to be one of the huge updates to their link index.

So in the end, the Ahrefs and SEMRush consist of similar feature sets and now let’s begin with the key question with which of these two is best overall?

So let’s get started with its solution!

SemRush Vs Ahrefs: Which Is Best?

So according to the global companies, individuals, and websites that promote information products or services require software as a service or SaaS. These two tools are serving various companies through their Seo tool by helping them in advertising excellently within the information technology industries.

Both SEMRush and Ahrefs have trusted links online where is new tool uses can also get the benefits of their premium products and if you are looking forward to buying this tool then we advise you to read this blog entirely.

Also, choose the best among these as per your website’s demands.

SemRush Vs Ahrefs: Features Comparison


  • authentic keyword research features
  • Technical SEO tools
  • Analysis of competitors keywords use for optimization
  • Tracking the ranking of the page


  • Optimization of your content for SEO
  • Analyzing PPC campaigns of the competitors
  • The reverse engineer used for sites top traffic sources
  • Logfile analysis

According to my research, both of these consist of amazing keyword research features technical SEO tools and backlink analysis tools and along with that, they are adding various new features as well. So several people ask me about whether which version they should buy? From my experience, It would be advisable to get the latest one along with their premium package that gives a lot of features.

So, the main thing about these tools is that its price is dependent on the features that they provide and must also value and offer features that can help the best for the business!

SemRush Free Trail

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So let’s begin with the comparison from here:

Ahrefs Vs SemRush: Keyword Research


If we begin with the first step which would be about finding new keywords amongst which Ahrefs come out on the top.

ahrefs keyword research
Credit – Ahrefs

Yes it consists of main keyword research features such as:

  • Keyboard explorer features
  • Organic Keywords features

So let’s begin with whether how each of them works.

Keyword Explorer is one of the most important keywords tools available on the market.

If you type in the keyword you will get a list of ideas that can be used as a keyword for your content that you require to optimize.

The main requisites are that its keyword explorer is a unique tool that not only just gives you an estimated search volume but also gives you authentic data related to it.

With the keywords search, you also get the data and you also know how many clicks you will get if you have that keyword.

Now you might be thinking why is this important?

There is no such secret that Google is packing the SERP’s that gives you certain features that means stealing clicks from the organic results. But the keyword explorer considers these as well.

For example, if the keyword Leonardo DiCaprio age rangers around 12k search each month then n you will get the results in a featured snippet. Which is why 1.2 k people that would be around 10% off all the searches that click on an organic result is shown through Ahrefs.

This was super helpful I know!

so one of the other things that make this keyword explorer more fascinating is that it expands its result to obtain various hundreds of different keyword ideas that you can surely get ranked.

Isn’t that amazing!

By using a reverse engineer you can attend a competitor site’s organic keywords report and here you can see this is a major similarity between SEMRush features.


Both of these have similarities in terms of using keywords of the competing site that currently ranks.

Yet it has some minor differences for example there are two different ways through which the estimate with how much organic traffic of a site comes from the first page rankings. One of the most unique things about SEMRush is that, you get a lot more in-depth keyword data reports which will be helpful for you to understand weather which keyword can rank more.

semrush keyword research

With Ahrefs the search volume is shown along with CPC and competition but with SEMRush you get ample data on every term from search volume trend to the number of results acquired.

I don’t know whether this is something which is a good or bad thing but it helps you to get your needs fulfilled. Personally, I would prefer to focus more on key metrics as many have found some UI have to become cluttered.

If you are among those who are a keyword analyst then quickly analyze a hundred plus terms which is why this is very helpful for everything in it in just one place at a time. SEMRush also consists of additional keyword research tool like most of the other tools you can see this helps in getting ample of search volume according to the competitive websites. You get a suggestion list that is based on whatever you type in. The main thing about it becoming a unique feature is that it gives the data from Google PPC.

If you are an in-house SEO agency then you required Google ads campaign at the very same time for doing your SEO.

Having SEO and PPC data on your fingertips can we super helpful in terms of both SEO tools.

From my end, I prefer and analyzed that SEMRush wins the battle in terms of features and Ahrefs consists of better UI. So both in terms of SEO and PPC gives a lot more data and with more well-rounded optimizing keyword search tool along with some bonus add-on’s too.

Keyword Research With Semrush

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SemRush Vs Ahrefs: Analyze Backlinks

Now the next thing which we are going to discover is about the best packing checker feature so let’s see who wins this race.

So as per my experience as I mentioned before comparing the link index in SEMRush and Ahrefs a few months ago I found both of them were virtually tide.

Indeed, when I tested the tool to get most backlinks I found errors found a total of 17,463 referring domain links yet the SEMRush found 19,114 backlinks. In terms of calculating the total backlinks, Ahrefs found 54,444 and SEMRush found 714,477.

Based on this small analysis SEMRush has proved to be a larger link index provider this means they are seriously investing the link index and backlink analysis features in check.

In this, not only the size of the index is one of the factors that we need to consider the UI also matters a lot.

What is the best thing to know, is that without clicking 57 times you can get everything which is the use of knowing your website’s position and link building is very much time-consuming.

The best thing about errors is that it shows us a preview of the text that appears around each backlink that it provides.

This becomes easier for people to understand whether while linking to a specific page is necessary.

So it is my personal experience that Ahrefs is much easier to use in terms of link. Visit a few clicks you can get the pages best links and you will also get the data in terms of pages that have most links and even more details related to it.

semrush backlink analysis

Another tough one to say that the backing features in terms of SEMRush and Ahrefs both are in the time position. SEMRush gives you the latest expansion of index which is very great and when it comes to the user interface it is a long way.

When you analyze the size link profile you will find yourself opening in a new tab and filling up the address because it is one of the most create UI consisting tools.

Which tool consists of the best technical SEO site audit feature?

Next feature which we are going to explore about as a technical SEO analysis. So now we’re going to explore the technical problems and opportunities wire battling analysis through site audit tools usage.

Let’s see what it has to show next.


So basically in terms of SEO health score Ahrefs achieved 81%. It is a fact that my websites have around 300 plus pages without an index.

this is not the actual problem as we add them on the pages that you don’t want the Google to index.

While many have considered that Ahrefs is unable to index certain pages but categorizing it for the things to look at will surely impact your health score.

I also experienced you are the resource that you like meta descriptions for short and slow loading of pages.

According to my experience, these are the real problems that need some fixing. If Ahrefs found them it would be a very nice thing for its future in terms of being the best SEO tool in the market.

Unfortunately, these issues were kind of worried and pages that have around 301 redirect and no index tags considered.

Ahrefs also added a site structure feature recently.

There is a deep difference in terms of pages rather than your homepage, it suggests the name according to the in-depth analysis.

So, if you want to have a site structure it must not consist of too many pages where you need to do too many clicks and it must be an easy way to see it from your home page.


In terms of audit feature SEMRush is also one of the best yet solid site audit feature provider. Here you get a general idea of how is your friend site is is and attain an overall health score of your website.

semrush site audit

When it comes to the consideration of technical SEO SEMRush gives you ample detail in terms of understanding the issues within your site such as:

  • Crawl errors
  • Issues with the robots.txt
  • Http status code errors
  • Broken links

Along with you will get a list of things that you need to consider before beginning your work right away.

Thankfully SEMRush also has a cool internal link distribution report provider attained recently.

This will help you know about whether how will your internal links are set up for SEO. Also in general the internal Link from higher authority pages to the pages that need more authority will be provided via internal link distribution.

Through this report, you will know whether your site links authority is going in the right direction.

Semrush Site Audit

Which is the Best SEO Tool for Rank Tracking?

Both of them have a rank tracking tools. Let’s enclose which one is the best.


  • Like any other man tracker here Ahrefs gives you the regular check-up of your website. It regularly checks on the ranking position of your website on Google. So, here we have nothing to say more about its feature.


  • Similarly, even SEMRush has proved it’s excellence in terms of having a super accurate rank tracker.

They also have a visibility score which is their plus point. This makes it a little more different than the other rank tracker.

Another difference is that they keep on updating tracked keywords regularly.

Whereas, Ahrefs does it once or twice a week as per the plan chosen by you.

Again, here you can see SEMRush is beating out Ahrefs in terms of rank trackers even when both execute similar things. Yet having often robust features. SEMRush updates are commendable.

Semrush Seo Tool

Which SEO Tool Provides Best Support To Customers?

Like any other feature, having the best support system of any of the SEO software is also an essential aspect.

This is the reason why I have put forward this two software’s to test.

So, this is how I communicated with the support team of each of these two software

It took me around 5 seconds to ask this question :

Which was that- How to calculate search volume for keyword and is dated from the Google keyword planner or do you use any other source?

Now let’s see, which one performed much better.


So when I wanted to ask this question to ask about, I had to click on the little chat button at the right corner at the bottom of the page.
It wasn’t a quick live chat yet it took them around 10 minutes to answer me. And it was a really helpful reply that I received from them which was excellent.


But when it comes to sending rush asking customer support question wasn’t a straight forward as it looked.

On the dashboard, there was no contacting and manage call down onto words the photo you can click on the contact us link where you need to fill a bunch of details related to the question. Even you have to check terms and conditions along with the privacy policy box before asking them.

After which I was able to go searching for them and to be clear this together if you minutes but honestly it was 1.5 times harder than with Ahrefs.

The helpful response which was about within 15 minutes soon after I questioned it.
While concluding to this question is that Ahrefs gives you a 1.5 times easier support system than the SEMRush which has kept it a bit complicated.

Which SEO Tool Consist Unique Features?

At a certain point where we have almost compare the main features of both these tools. Now it’s the time to discover some you need features that make both of them you need than the other.


One of the most unique features of Ahrefs is that it consists of content explorer.

Yes, you read it right!

If you have ever you would BuzzSumo app then you would a hundred percent know about how does feature works exactly.

By making things easier that the content you want to write about and search there as you get details about its social shares, backlinks, etc. You can see which content has done well in the aforesaid areas so that you can implement the same for your content.

Ahrefs also consist of these mini-features along with few other tools.

For instance, thought of relying on Ahrefs in terms of broken links building.

It meticulously has lowered ample of such issues and dozens of hours too.

Ahrefs simple feature helps you easily detect broken internal or external links and get it fixed then and there.


So SEMRush has several killer features that Ahrefs doesn’t.

What could that be?

SEMRush gives you a complete paid search package.

SEMRush gives you an ample of PPC competitor analysis features which Ahrefs lacks in, this means there are 0 features for PPC available.

semrush advertising toolkit

And one of the amazing things about is that true Google ads campaigns did PPC Company to analyze is features give you a good outcome from your ad campaigns.

So, the basic thing is that you require doing when you are amongst those who do a lot of local SEO, SEMRush gives you a listing tool that enables setup of your NAPs appropriately.

With it’s listing management, it is easier to say that SEMRush again proves to be a winner in terms of having some killer features.

Yet, both of these tools have features that none other SEO tools consist of. But SEMRush does loyalty with it’s full-fledged PPC software that keeps tracking Google Ads with SEO.

Semrush Free Trial

Which of these two SEO Tools gives the best overall values?

When, this question arrives whether which tool will be able to do justice for the price that I will pay for it? Is usually that is the main question, concern’s the buyer the most.

Yes, that’s true and it’s exactly what a person indeed looks forward to is the value of the product matching it’s used. It also does makes sense that what sort of work does it do and what’s more important to you.

For instance:

If you are amongst those who spend their day in link building, Ahrefs can be the best option for you as it gives a fast result.

Whereas, if you run an agency that does SEO and PPC for your valued clients. Then choosing SEMRush gives you a combined service in just one suite with a respective amount payable.

So, here’s how the pricing of each tool breaks down.

If you are amongst those who can pay monthly, choosing Ahrefs that range from $99 up to $999, depending on the tools put to use.

Within 99 bucks you can get to:

  • Illustrate backlink analysis
  • Keyword research
  • Access to Historical index

It depends on whether how much data you can access and how much keywords reports you can run altogether. As the pricing limits up to $99 plan.

So what do I use?

I use Advanced Plan worth $399 per month this helps me using some Ahrefs features weekly basis.

But if you are a fresher, you can begin with $99 plan to get started.

SEMRush pricing is similar to that of Ahrefs along with an Enterprise plan that depends on your needs.

One of the best things is that with SEMRush, you still get access to its main features even within the $99plan. Doesn’t that astonish!

But having limited access is provided. Here again, SEMRush wins the position as it gives you an amazing featured SEO software suite along with the Google Ads software with the same monthly price.

SemRush Vs Ahrefs: Who Is Winner?

According to my, I want to share my experience that I have used both of these tools since 2012. This says that I am very much satisfied with these both tools simultaneously.

semrush vs ahrefs: who is winner

For considering the winning party these factors were considered:

  • Features related to links
  • Features over keywords
  • Value of each product
  • Documentation and support system
  • Latest feature updates
  • Fixing bugs and problems
  • Overall value

So, if you ask me whether which one would win this debate will be SemRush!


This was a very difficult call that I had to make but yet it’s commendable.

If you have a PPC service providing agency then you can Even choose Semrush.

Yet, SemRush gives you an ultimate value of User interface, updates, removes bugs, and beneficial features. This is why I would love to place the crown over SemRush.

Amazing specs about the tools used wire SEMRush and Ahrefs

User Freindly SEO Tool

Amongst both SEMRush is rather friendly than Ahrefs. If it’s an independent team with QC and Seo a website owner can handle it through Ahrefs. In terms of statistics, SEMRush gives a wider output which is effortlessly achievable. Yet for Ahrefs, one needs to go through tutorials. While the SEMRush can be used by learning by yourself.

Amazing PPC campaigns

Comparing both here gives a thumbs up to SEMRush as it has several PPC camping tools than Ahrefs. Along with the access to the real-time statistical analysis, that leads your campaigns will spool from SERP’s. If you are indeed looking forward to competing with your competitor website the PPC keyword gives you a helping hand for your advertising campaigns.

Generating various reports

To conduct better SEO, you need statistics or reports of the domains and with the desired result in digital marketing, you can only do better SEO. According to the per day reports, Ahrefs VS SEMRush adds more value to the searches made before availing one amongst these two Seo tools. Within SEMRush, one gets 10,000 reports within the place of $399 while 250 reports per day can access via Ahrefs. So, again SEMRush proves to be the winner on this rate.

Optimize keyword research

When it comes to the top search engines, a keyword-optimized website does well for long run results. With SEMRush you get the best keyword optimization than the Ahrefs SEO Tool. With their keyword magic tools, the analytics gives you better organic searches. To reach up to SERP levels, this tool helps a new and existing website as it’s an SEO analyst friendly.

An authentic backlinks analysis tool

Both of these tools have this feature of backlink analysis. SEMRush is one of the most trusted in terms of backlink analytic works. Ahrefs at the beginning of its launch gave the authentic backlinks analysis tool. This SEO feature and tool has served various website owners or agencies by improvising their website using proper backlinks.

Creation of projects

When you are looking forward to getting an SEO tool suits, one of the other things which you need to consider whether how many project creation can be done. SEMRush and Ahrefs allow you with premium products along with the product pricing. Ahrefs allows around 10projects only while SEMRush allows 25, projects creation. So, Ahrefs is perfect for someone who has a limited number of websites.

Several add-on features

Any website owner must have certain details on the happenings of the competitive website. This, in turn, requires applying competitive intelligence via SEMRush that helps digital marketers in providing many details. It takes another $200 or more depending on each add-on. Some are as follows which is included in the add on the feature:
Market explorer
Bulk traffic analysis
Top pages
Competitors benchmarking
Traffic analytics

Add ons in these SEO adds value to your website as it gives it an intelligent approach that results in analyzing and competing in this digital marketing world.

Along with which the customer support through SEMRush is offered via, phone support, chat support, and email support.

Ahrefs only provides you with chat supports. Yet, SEMRush again here stays constant meticulous SAAS provider.

Trying a 7-day trial pack where you can spend $7 at Ahrefs.

SEMRush charges nothing yes you read that right!

It doesn’t charge you anything as it will be a 7day free trial.

SemRush Free Trial

Grab SemRush Free Trail At No Cost

Both of these provide various plans per month or an annual basis. You can stay connected with the SaaS, i.e. the customer care team in terms of various offers and discounts.

If you are a fresher and want to have a smooth startup, choosing the best SEO tool will boost higher Returns on Investment.

Now it’s your turn to explore SEMRush and Ahrefs!

And let me know whether how your experience was and which one would you prefer according to your convenience?


Is Ahrefs worth the money?

There are an ample of features in Ahrefs that has led it to be one of the most unique and helping SEO Tool Software’s. But the pricing is more and the project that you can create are less. For eg: of the price is $99 per month then it would provide you with limited access to the tools, which you get to use more in Semrush. So, this means that it isn’t worth the money.

How to get semrush free trail?

You are the first thing you need to do is sign up on the semrush website, create your account. Explore various tools that you can use as a 7 day free trial package at the initial stage.

Is semrush accurate?

Semrush is known for its accuracy and definitely it gives you potential details of data that you acquire from your competitors website. Semrush also keeps you updated from keywords to posting along with various SEO tools to offer.

How much does semrush cost?

These are the following subscriptions depending on 3 standard monthly subscriptions.
• Pro- $99.95
• Guru-$199.95
• Business-$399.95
• For any Enterprise solution you can contact their customer support

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