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10 Best Ahrefs Alternatives In 2020 { #1 Is King }

Are You Looking For Best Ahrefs Alternatives ?

Rumour has it! SEO and digital marketing are one of the major aspects of giving a brand exposure. Various digital marketers are on the hike of choosing the best SEO tool that helps them achieve analytics and expertise. Below we have collected ample of data in terms of specifying the alternatives of Ahrefs, as SEMRush being our very first choice and if you are unable to go with the Ahrefs then the list if meant for you.

Let’s look at everyone partly, then.

Best Paid Ahrefs Alternatives: SemRush

SEMrush is one of the market’s most popular SEO instruments and a Very perfect Seo Tool for no cause. In fact, for more than eight years and have been a paid SEMrush client. At that time, I saw it evolve from a PPC keyword analysis tool to a full SEO software package.

semrush: best ahrefs alternative

Nowadays SEMrush also has many useful features, in addition to its standard keyword research functions such as search volume, CPC, etc.

  • Traffic processing (where traffic comes from a site)
  • Analysis of the backlink
  • Identification of grades
  • Audits of SEO App
  • SEO analyzes on-page.

SEMrush is potentially Ahrefs’ nearest device both in terms of quantity and quality. In the end, however, Ahrefs and SEMrush are very similar.

I like Ahrefs, especially because I like their UX very much. The outstanding Ui of Ahrefs makes my job simpler for me.

Also if SEMrush has the same feature of Ahrefs, it is difficult to locate them and harder to use.
You can have a handy SUPER sidebar, such as broken ties, internal links, and anchor text, when you evaluate an Ahrefs account.

You need to dive through every feature to find the exact item that you need to find something important.

Nevertheless, Ahrefs and SEMrush are quite matched in terms of their mere functionality. So I suggest trying SEMrush if you choose to use an alternate Ahrefs with several identical apps.

SemRush Free Trail

Mangools: Best Beginners Alternatives

Mangools is not your traditional suite of SEO software. Also, Mangools are 5 entirely separate devices, rather than a bunch of incorporated apps.

Just say, for instance, that you want the keywords a site uses in Google to see.

Okay, “KWFinder” will open and type in the domain that you want to look at by clicking the search by domain button. And now you want to see the backlinks to that article. Now, you’re going to have to go back to your dashboard, click “LinkMiner” and launch your whole cycle again. This configuration is not ideal, so yeah. And it does a lot harder than it should be to use the tool.

best  alternative for beginners

Mangools are not in the same world, in my opinion than Ahrefs. And not just because in Mangools it takes 3-5 times more clicks than in Ahrefs to do it. The features are not nearly as powerful as Ahrefs.

Mangools, for example, may not have too many filters for the backlink analysis.

You have essential and do-follow versus active nofollow filters versus deleted, that’s about it.

You can filter with Ahrefs practically a hundred items, such as connection sort, language, URL ranking, etc. This tool is useful if you want to drill on the backlink of a decent type. It is therefore obvious that Ahrefs is a better SEO tool overall than Mangools.

You will also get a lot out of mangools if you’re on a super small schedule. Yet I prefer to go with a platform such as Ahrefs or SEMrush if you can handle 100 bucks a month.

Mangools Free Trail

UberSuggest: Best Free Alternative

When you think of everything Ahrefs can do, it’s hard to consider free alternatives. There are cheaper alternatives, including Raven Tools or SERPStat. And you can have a mixture of free tools which do (more or less) the same thing together.


In this situation, a mix of Answer The public will be necessary to find keywords, web data Google Analytics as well as other free versions of other tools. But, if you want a long-term alternative then-No Ubersuggest should be pounding.

Total divulgation here: even all the Ahrefs can’t help you.

Yet in keyword testing, backlink profile analysis, SERP analysis, and a good rating tracker, you are safe. And they have a safety program.

Serpstat: Best Budget Alternative

Raven Tools is a little cheaper, as we have said.

So it is an all-in-one SEO device with full meat.

Yet SERPStat is a decent alternative to Ahrefs because you are on a budget or you want the dollar to get the best out of the boom.


He’s a relative newcomer to the scene with SEO software.

Yet it is also difficult for Ahrefs to do something.

So for those depending on PPC keywords, it has a great bid. Also, it is easier to browse through the site audit.

Nonetheless, you can wish for a less novice person and a slimmer analysis tool for keywords.

But while the cheapest plan for Ahrefs is $99, SERPStat is available at a rate of 69 dollars per month. Make sure you read our SERPStat summary if you want to find out more.

Seo PowerSuite: Best Alternatives Software

For a full set of specialized SEO software (PC and Mac) running on the desktop, you can support SEO PowerSuite.

We still think that even when you aren’t a beginner you can get plenty of miles from Ahrefs, but when they let you down, try it.


The SEO PowerSuite has a lot of search engines and places to aggregate data from and can overwhelm a beginner with its features.

So for anything an experienced user can need, it helps you. They can be pretty expensive, and they are a little more disgusting than Ahrefs.

So if you were there and know what you are looking for, it’s a good choice.

Long Tail Pro: Best Keyword Research Alternative

You may want to cut your expenditures and consider a basic keyword analysis tool if you use Ahrefs’ keyword explorer rather than anything else.

It is primarily because the keyword searches for Ahrefs have a large limit.

If you’re searching for that, Long Tail Pro is a good alternative.

Do not hesitate so long longer.

The explorer is still a better choice for Ahrefs.

Yet neither is Long Tail Pro a fake weapon. You can search for keywords to brush data easily, you can also track ranks and the best part of the process: Long Tail Pro algorithms.

The name is not meaningless.

alternative for keyword research

Long Tail Pro mainly displays long-distance keywords for which you could qualify.
And if you want to discover fresh bioresources, it’s a smart idea.

If that sounds fantastic, make sure to read before you buy our Long Tail Pro analysis.

Moz: Best Alternative For Compititor Analysis

You could like to keep a close eye on competing for websites if you’re in a highly competitive niche. Perhaps Moz will be what you look for if that’s the case.


It is one of the heavyweights of the SEO and is also recognized for its efficient ratings, the domain, and website management. You do have an editor with keywords, debugging resources, and one of the most popular browser plugins, the Moz Bar.

The Moz site explorer packs the punch aside, but the Ahrefs backlink control device is good.

The simple package costs $99 only, and you can fire it.

BuzzSumo: Best Alternative For Social Media Analysis

Some tools will deliver better ROIs than Ahrefs when you count on social media to bring about much traffic.

Buzzsumo is one of these, We think that when you launch a website of the Authority, you can concentrate on searching and Before we talk about Buzzsumo: This is impossible to describe without worrying about a broadcast strategy and daily life.

best alternative for social media analysis

However, Buzzsumo is better than Ahrefs when running a media site or when accessing strong social platforms.

In reality, they are built to help you find the best ideas for content that can become viral.
So their study of backlink profiles includes a lot of social metrics.

You should then give Buzzsumo a try, whether you can carry on a heavy media profile (or if you want to discover the biggest influents in your niche).

Majestic: Best Alternative For Backlink Analysis

Of linking house, Ahrefs is a diamond with their SERP analysis, it can help you start efforts and it is one of the best backlink research tools. But you can try Majestic if you want something focused on backlink analysis.


Over time, Majestic also has backlink forecasts.

Then by testing the adjustments they create on those dates you can assess the rivalry. They have a huge backlink index and their metrics to give you a better idea of the position of a website.

Screaming Frog: Best Alternative For Site Audit

Ahrefs’ website test is perfect if you are configured and Yet you should try Screaming Frog if you want to dig deeper.He is a veteran of the SEO scene and focuses heavily on the crawling of the website.

best site audit tool

It’s a bit different from the current norm. You may not have the easiest way to search keywords, for example, it is not browser-based.

So you can connect every URL there and get detailed knowledge on a whole range of items, from web formatting to HTTP and HTTPS protocols.


We would still recommend that you go to Ahrefs.

All over, it’s a powerful tool that can allow you to prosper with your entire website. Read our review of Ahrefs vs. SEMRush for some shocking reasons.

Nevertheless, you should use these Ahrefs alternatives if you need anything more in terms of keyword analysis, the form of Distribution Channel, or even your background with digital marketing software.

SEMRush always stays at the top as it’s an all in one of the most popular digital marketing toolkit. The rest of the alternatives to give the same features but add-ons are more. While Ahrefs is the competitive technical SEO support to the marketers.

FAQ – Best Ahrefs Alternatives Free & Paid

Are there any Best Ahrefs alternatives for keyword research?

If you are looking forward for a Best Ahrefs alternative then SEMrush is the best option you can go for. Having similar features we recommend you using SEMrush as an alternative of Ahrefs. It also has various affordable packages that boost your online presence through their exceptional software kit.

What are some free alternatives of ahrefs and semrush?

The best ones which we according to our usage can recommend you with:
Moz Pro

Is there a cheaper alternative to Ahrefs?

SEMRush is one of the cheaper alternatives to Ahrefs. It offers you both paid and free SEO tool which is popular amongst the digital marketers. It also consists of various features that include, keyword research, back link analysis, topic research similar to that of BuzzSumo, SEO audit reports. Their free plan is solid and thus gives you added benefits if you choose any of the paid plans which they provide.

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